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Kim Jong Un is prepared for war with the U.S. The North Korean leader says he will continue missle testing despite requests to stop.
Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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Lethal riffs and red-hot harmonies meet 90s alt-rock in punchy new diss anthem.

Listen to "Boys Like You" HERE.
All I wanted was to make the top five with no chance of wakin' up with y'all... 
Whitehorse, a go-for-broke duo with a wild imagination and deadly riffs, serves up an anthem for those who get fooled – but only for a time – by the smooth talkers, the social climbers, the neon lighters, the brake squealers, the black and red detailers, the Diesel wearers, the face suckers, and all those boys who live with their mothers. Forever. And Ever. And Ever. And Ever.
"Boys Like You" goes back to the 90s with its tinny beats, flashy tremolo guitar licks and rollercoaster dreamscape chorus. The song taps into a rich lineage of scathing alt-rock send-offs, this one a tale of pathetic entitlement, hostile insecurities and overcompensation. This one’s not for the drunk sad bastards, but for those who have to deal with them.


Fits on a playlist with: Beck, The Charlatans, Cake.

Glam and sleaze, desert grit and subway rats, scumbags and fakers, hot messes and cold shoulders: welcome to the world of Whitehorse, a rock duo from Toronto.

Whitehorse's brazen sonic breadth encompasses psychedelic surf, arid border rock, lo-fi ingenuity and icy 80's sparseness. Luke Doucet's Gretsch White Falcon and impeccable tone, combined with Melissa McClelland's blazing vocals and badass P- Bass playing, have made the duo's sound unmistakably, inventively Whitehorse. The duo's songwriting is distinguished by its cinematic fiction, full of flawed characters, foiled plans and anti-fairytales that transform real life into sleek, stylized collages of neo-noir drama and high-gloss.

Whitehorse began as something of a folk duo, but quickly outgrew that box with their inventive instrumentation and resistance to expectation. The duo moved into 'space cowboy' twang territory on the apocalyptic debut full-length, The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss, a fitting title lifted from a Wonder Woman comic. From there, Whitehorse expanded the intergalactic atmospherics with Leave No Bridge Unburned, a chase-scene-velocity acceleration into rock n' roll, with lethal riffs and near indecent vocal heat. Most recently, the duo rebuilt early electric blues for The Northern South Vol. 1, which showcased the duo's adventurousness and enviable guitar collection.

The duo's profile has grown exponentially with each release. The pair now sells out Massey Hall, Canada's most prestigious venue. In 2015, Whitehorse won a JUNO Award and performed on the award's live television broadcast to millions. Press highlights in the USA, include airtime on NPR's Morning Edition and Weekend Edition, and coverage from Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, Paste and more.

With the new single "Boys Like You", Whitehorse once again mixes things up, adding hip-hop producers and processed beats, and expanding their studio sound with samplers, vintage drum machines and more. The result is a song that is an irresistible fusion of 90s guitar rock riffs and Britpop-inspired swells with futuristic, cinematic production.


* Billboard Heatseekers Album Chart, Leave No Bridge Unburned (2015).
* Previous coverage on NPR Morning Edition, Rolling Stone, Paste, WSJ and more. 
* iTunes Top 10 Overall Chart, Leave No Bridge Unburned (2015).
* 50+ USA shows in 2016. 


- “To this band from the Great White North, the sound of the American Southwest feels like home.”  – WSJ Speakeasy 
- “A depth of musicianship and songcraft that makes some genre-mates seem like slackers.”  – Guitar Player
- “Superduo whose music swirls together the swampy swagger of the Bible Belt, the minor-akey melancholy of film noir soundtracks and the raw stomp of rock & roll.” – Rolling Stone 

- "Dark and sultry." - American Songwriter