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Kim Jong Un is prepared for war with the U.S. The North Korean leader says he will continue missle testing despite requests to stop.
Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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The violence in Chicago remains high in the New.  A person from the "Windy City" committed on Facebook that Pres. Obama abandoned his own city when they needed him and Trump appears to be capable of turning the city around.  Thinking this individual must not have heard about Trump's desire to send in thed feds to address the issue, I decided to give pause to the poster's concern.

With all due respect, CHICAGO needs to do something for itself, stop blaming the system and looking for leaders to intervene and come together as one. Trump is willing to use military force to stop the violence in Chicago, but will slap the wrists of the murderers who kill our children in schools and ignore the need for #guncontrol? On Tuesday night Trump tweeted, "If Chicago doesn't fix the horrible 'carnage' going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds." (CNN reports the number he quoted are lower, but they are still very high for the first month of the year.)This will not turn out good for the people of Chicago. Prio to the inauguration Trump metiwth ComeidaThe blood of more innocent people will be shed. Millions have bought the lie that we need leaders/politicians to intervene when society is crumbling. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IS NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE. 

The poster said that Trump might come behind Obama and rebuild Chicago and if he does he will laugh as Obama supporters who did not hold him accountable for help his own city. Obama could have used Executive Orders he quibbled. While this is no laughing matter, he might be correct regarding Trump turning things around. People will tend to cooperate with the person they see as the last resort. Besides, white men always have an advantage. People of all ethnic persuasions are conditioned to bow to the authority of white leaders. Trump has an advantage and it should come as no surprise that he is doing exactly what he wants and appears "unstoppable." He said he would run the country in the same manner he runs business. SO far he has exhibited a take charge attitude and is moving the agenda of his administration forward.  

Could Mayor Rahm Emmanuel do more for the City of Chicago? Yes! But short of calling in the feds himself, there is no simple solution to this perpetual problem. 

I also find it interesting how voters are raising their voices against every move Trump makes, but when Obama was being blocked by Congress in attempting to pass numerous measures that would help the entire nation, he did not have the masses supporting him. The opposition Obama received was unprecedented so he was forced to sign more executive orders than any other president before him. The activism you see now on social media did not exist for Obama when he was facing Republican obstructionism and it could have supported a Clinton win if nothing else. House Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said his goal was to make Obama a one term president. Obama served to terms, but the cynicism never let up.Obama, even as he sat in the highest seat in the land, did not have the luxury of automatic psychological trust. Obama was not a perfect president and deserves to be critiqued just like all others, but the woes of Chi-town existed long before he lived there. A great deal of the responsibility to rebuild Chicago lies in the hands of the citizens.