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Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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WH Communications Director resigns, Who's next?

White House Communications Director Mike Dubke has resigned after 3 months in the position. In February Dubke, 47 took on the responsibility of handling messaging and other aspect communication to relieve Press Secretary Sean Spicer so he could concentrate on daily briefings.

Dubke submitted his resignation on May 18 and agreed to remain on board until after President Donald Trump's overseas trip.

Dubke cited he is departing the post for personal reasons.

The founder of Crossroads Media, a conservative strategy firm in Virginia did not serve in the Trump campaign and is not a Trump loyalist.  It may have been difficult to be effective in an unstable White House.  Infighting, shake ups in personnel and  investigations into the Trumps involvement with Russia have been widely reported.  His role  may have also been hindered as Trump freely sent messages on Twitter and continuously gaffed in speeches.   

There have been four Directors of Communication since Trump took office.
A replacement has not been named.

Amid the staff shake up, who will be the next  to go?  Additional changes to the staff are expected various sources say.  Since Trump snubbed Spicer, a devout Catholic, by not allowing him to meet the Pope during their recent visit to The Vatican, many believe he will be the next staffer out the door.

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