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Bringing Up Bates star opens up about infertility for the first time

Coming from a large family and being the only girl in the family who is infertile can be a painful reality to adjust to. The assumption you and everyone else would make is that you inherited very fertile genes.   The desire of your heart is to get married and raise a family of your own. For UP TVs "Bringing Up Bates" star Michaela Bates Keilen the marriage part happened -- the motherhood part didn't. 

Just like to devil he is, Satan knows exactly where to point his daggers when Believers don't get their way with our heavenly Father. Her ability to trust God began to be challenged when the newlywed realized she would not be able to bear children after constant prayer and pursuing medical options failed. 

Michaela knows she is not alone on this journey and would like to help others, so for the first time this week, she opened up about infertility publicly in a blog post entitled "Learning to Trust"-- not for publicity, but just to share how she made it through the painful situation with a greater relationship with God. 

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The message that stood out time when I read Michaela's story is that we can be so focused on what is not working we can forget the things that are working in our lives.

Click here to read Micheala's story.

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