Comedy legend Joan Rivers lived and died, unapologetically

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Joan Rivers died on Sept. 4, 2014.

Joe Behar called Joan Rivers the anti-thesis to political correctness in a  Good Morning America interview a day after the legendary comedian died.   She said the comic felt that being "PC" (politically correct) was killing comedy.   Rivers would let nothing kill her passion, which was enjoying the freedom to  speak her mind.  The first woman to host a late night talk show made a career in comedy taking shots at anyone with a name.  No individual or subject was safe from her brash wise cracks.  The zingers she  hurled at her targets hurt their feelings, embarrassed them beyond the moment, zapped their egos and left even them laughing helplessly.  Joan Rivers was one funny mean girl. Ironically, on the outside she was such a lady with a decidedly feminine fashion sense. But on the inside, a ship full of cursing sailors couldn't hold a candle to the New York born comic's untamed tongue and diet of taboo topics.

Behar, Roseanne Barr and even Wendy Williams have Joan Rivers to thank for setting the stage for bold talking women in television.  Whether on stage as a night club stand up act or on the red carpet, Joan Rivers delivered  unapologetic, unsympathetic humor.

No one was off limits as Rivers made a career poking fun of people including herself. With an often crass sense of  humor , Rivers, born Joan Lewinski had a thriving career and worked  until the end.  She and her daughter Melissa starred in a reality show and she was a co-host on Fashion Police.  She was scheduled to appear at the Strathmore Theatre on Nov. 7 and was booked through the end of this year. Fashion Police has gone on hiatus.

Rivers went into cardiac arrest during a throat surgery at Yorkville Endoscopy.  The clinic is under investigation. The  comic died on September 4 at New York's Mt. Sinai hospital.

Before her death she left a message for her daughter Melissa saying she wanted a fabulous funeral, a Hollywood affair.  This words were printed on her funeral program.  At her funeral on Sunday, Howard Stern performed the eulogy.  Sarah Jessica Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly Osbourne, Barbara Walters, Kathy Griffin and more were among the celebrity mourners who came to pay their final respect. It was a by invitation only affair filled with laughter and tears.  Joan Rivers, dead at the age of 81.