Mona Austin's Slice Report: News on Ray Rice, ISIL, Con. Emmanuel Cleaver, Tracy Morgan, Teddy and Tina Campbell and more

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Obama: America will strike back

America will lead a broad coalition  to combat terrorist group ISIL, President Obama announced in a televised address Wednesday night, a day before the 13th anniversary of 911, when the nation was rocked  by terrorists attacks. 

All 16 female U.S. senators have written to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to ask for a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence in the league.  Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice was terminated Monday after TMZ released a more detailed video of the knock out punch he inflicted on Janay Palmer his then fiancée in a February elevator altercation.  He had previously been penalized with a lenient 2-game suspension.  Goodell claims he had not seen the tape and within hours of its release   Rice was fired even though the star running back s says he told Goodell upfrnt that he struck Palmer.  The NFL has hired former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III to lead an "independent" investigation into the league's pursuit and handling of evidence in the Ray Rice debacle.

August 2014 Jobless Situation

Unemploymnt numbers for the month of August were down at 6.1 %, but remain a dismal  11.4% for African Americans, nearly double the national rate. From Bloomberg. ..overall The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly rose in first week of September to a two-month high--Jobless claims climbed by 11,000 increasing to 315,000 this year.

VA Verdict: McDonnells found guilty on multiple counts

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) and his wife Maureen were found guilty on corruption and obstruction charges last Thursday. Mr. McDonnell was found guilty of 11 of 13  charges against him and his wife  found guilty of 9, stemming  for a quid pro quo relationship with businessman Jonnie R. Williams.  The McDonnells accepted more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from Williams and were accused of using the office of governor for personal gain—tainting a position the Washington Post noted was held by founding father Thomas Jefferson.
Current Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe in a statement said he and hs wife Dorothy would pray for all effected by the trial and he said, “I am deeply saddened by the events of the trial that ended in today’s verdict, and the impact it has had on our Commonwealth’s reputation for honesty and clean government. “
Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver was the target of Molotov Cocktail

Congressional Black Caucus head Marcia Fudge has ordered an investigation to find out who threw a Molotov cocktail at the kanssas city office of  Missori Congressman. Emmanuel Cleaver. Police say the the bomb failed to cause a fire.

Fellow MO democrat  Claire McCaskill has called for a meeting as a follow up to the controversial death of black, unarmed Ferguson MO teen Micahel Brown who was shot by a white cop.Allegeldly Cleaver and Cay were not invited to the planned meeting. Attorney general Eric holder has  orderd a broader indepentdent federal probe in the teen’s death to look into fairness and equality concerns.

Good-bye to Comedy Legend Joan Rivers

No one was off limits as she made a career poking fun at people, her crass sense of humor often laced with insults. Joan Rivers has passed away. Howard Stern eulogized the comedian at a by invitation only funeral last  Sunday attended by A listers with paparazzi waiting to capture her final bow, just as she said she would have liked it. Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rivers co host of Fashion Police Kelly Osborne were there. Yorkville Endoscopy is under investigation for the impromptu procedure that sent Rivers to Mt. Sinai hospital in NYC  where she died.  

Tyler Perry Does It Again for OWN
The numbers are in and Tyler Perry has made history again with OWN’s "If Loving You Is Wrong"—netting 1.93 million viewers in its key demographic during the season premiere.The new series garnered the  highest viewership for the network to date outpacing  Perry's "The Have’s and Have Nots," which was previously the network’s most viewed premiere.

R&B singers Gladys Knigt and Michelle Williams released  a gospel albums this week. Knight calls hers Where mY heart Belongs Williams latest is titled Journey to Freedom

Tracy Morgan Update
Actor/Comedian Tracy Morgan is getting around in a wheelchair, but “struggling” during his recovery his attorney Benedict P. Morelli i told ‘People’ magazine. He says  his client is having a hard time recuperating following the June 7 car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike.. comedian James McNair was killed in that crash.  Morgan is progressing slowIy according to Morelli, but It may be months before he can use a walker. Kevin Roper, the man behind the wheel of the Walmart truck that caused the collision was charged with assault by auto and vehicular homicide.

They tied the knot

Gabrielle Union and Dewayne Wade, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit, jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg AND Jessica Simpson’s lil sis Ashlee and Diana Ross’ son Evan –What do they have in common besides being star couples?  They all said "I do" recently.

Tina & Teddy: They've  reconciled and are glowing

Teddy and Tinca Campbell are so united they got their own hash tag. The Campbels celebrated their wedding anniversary in Hawaii.  Mr. Cambel shared a lovely dovey photo of them on Facebook, said they are happier than ever, thanked fans for prayingfor them and the words “Welcome to the journey into Gods New Creation” #teddy and Tina

Sunday Best Season 7 Crown A Winner

And the Sunday Best Season 7 winner is . . .Geoffrey Goldman.  The 20 year old Morehouse man form Cleveland became the second male winner of the gospel singing contest.  Goldman bested second runner up,  Candace Benson.

September is Gospel Music Hereitage month  A time for gospel fans to support the music of the church and for the gospel music heritage foundation to fulfill its mission to educate and celebrate the art forma and its rich heritage of all genres through words and song.  For information on events aroound the nation go to
New music this week from The  Kirk Franklin produced set of siblings, the walls group is in the number one spot on billboard.  Their full length cd, Fast foreward featrues singles that have already gained popularity—like This song is for you, Love on the radio and Satisfied

Bridget Kern is the new voice in worship on the horizon. She is the Worship leader and cofounder of Radiant Life Church in Phoenix, AZ, along with her husband, Dr. Joseph Kern. – Kern recently released the single He shall reign form her forthing album no one greater scheduled to hit shelves in 2015.