Ray Rice, you are fired!

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The Baltimore Ravens took swift action and terminated Ray Rice after TMZ released a disturbing video Monday morning revealing  more about what happened inside an elevator where he and his wife fought in February of this year. Read on. . .

By Mona Austin

"The "Scourge of violence against women in this country should be aggressively combated.White House Press Secretary in response to a question regarding the video of the Rice elevator altercation.

Today the National Football League is playing offense while revisiting a decision that did not sit well with fans and the media.

TMZ released  a video from the February 15 elevator incident that shows Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancĂ©e, Janay Palmer at the Revel Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The NFL poked  the player with a mere two game suspension without pay leading to criticism. 

The new video footage shows that both Rice and Palmer played a part in the altercation, each exchanging licks. When Palmer is punched a second time, her head hits the wall and rail in the elevator and she loses consciousness.  Rice is seen dragging Palmer's non-responsive body from the elevator into the hallway.

Approximately a month later, the scene is completely different as they  leave court holding hands.

Rice was arrested and charged with simple assault domestic violence when the altercation first occurred.  Palmer was also charged.  Rice entered a guilty plea and was indicted by a grand jury  for the  assault  but avoided trial by entering a pretrial intervention program, a form of plea bargaining for first time offenders.  The couple wed the next day, just over a month after Palmer was knocked out cold.

The original video on the incident only shows what happened outside the elevator.  Rice appeared to be helping his wife as if she might have collapsed. The arrest raised  enough suspicion that there was more to the story.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has since admitted the length of Rice's suspension was  a mistake and recently announced stricter penalties for future domestic violence offenders, but League officials say they had not seen the video.  The NFL's latest changes to the personal conduct policies were directly related to fall out from how it addressed disciplinary action surrounding the Rice incident. At first Goodell  argued that he'd acted appropriately by issuing the same degree of penalty as the League applied to similar instances. His response only fueled the opinion that  Rice was just another celebrity that got away with domestic violence with big fines instead of jail time. 

A six game suspension was implemented  on August 29, the same day  The Commissioner admitted Rice's punishment was not adequate. “I didn’t get it right. Simply put, we have to do better. And we will,” Goodell  said.  

Listen to the audio report on what led to the firing of Ray Rice.