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Details at a glance on VA Journalists killed in live broadcast

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A disgruntled former news reporter shot two young journalists during a live WDBJ-TV segment this morning in Moneta, Virginia and later killed himself. 

Reporter Alison Parker, 24 was conducting an interview that cameraman Adam Ward, 27 was capturing when Vester Lee Flanagan fatally shot them.  The subject of the interview was also shot, but survived with critical injuries.

Both Adam and Alison were native to the area and were beloved members of the TV staff.
Also known as Bryce Williams, the alleged shooter was from Oakland, CA and had previously worked in Florida and  for WDBJ-TV as a reporter two years ago, but was apparently terminated. 

Tweets that were posted to the Twitter account under the name Bryce Williams and a suicide manifesto letter he sent to ABC news suggest the murders were racially motivated.   ABC said the Charleston church massacre sent the suspect  over the edge.

While  there are still many questions about the tragedy, have emerged:

Video posted to the Facebook page of Bryce Williams on August 26.  The account was suspended by Facebook.

  • The shooter was mistakenly reported as dead from a self-inflicted gun shout wound but did not die at the point of apprehension. Bryce Williams died from suicide at the hospital this afternoon.

  • There are two videos that captured the execution.  One is the live video, the other was posted on FB from the shooters point of view.

  • On twitter comments under the account in the name Bryce Williams explained why he targeted the victims.

  • Williams was new to Twitter, having opened an account two weeks ago.

  • According to CNN, Williams was escorted by police when fired form the station because he was expected to act out.  Former co-workers said he yelled at work.

  • ABC news has a over 20 page manifesto that they released to authorities for investigation purposes.

  • WBDJ opened a feed to its noon news cast, dedicating it to the memory of the slain employees.  Station President Ken Marks said he did not suspect Williams had an issue with his former co-workers.
Both Adam and Alison were in serious relationships with other employees at the station bringing a deeper sense of mourning an loss to the station.  Funeral details will be posted when they become available.