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All Female Hip Hop Trio - Blushhh Music -Releases New Single on Mathew Knowles' MWE Label

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Blushhh Music

Recognizing talent when he sees it is a well-known trait in Mathew Knowles, one that the public has proven it appreciates-to the tune of an unprecedented 300 million+ worldwide sales for his Music World Entertainment label alone. Never to disappoint, Knowles has spotted, groomed, prepped, and properly mic'd three sizzling new sensations called Blushhh Music. With a debut single, "Old School Back," released June 9, 2016-introduced from their first CD, "Old School Hip-Hop Past, Present, and Future"-the proof that they came to deliver the 90's era vibe which so many crave is about to be made official. The group has already charmed their way through the media recently with their sexy/tough visages, complimented by their quickly evolving talent (and fan base). Getting to watch this time is part of the lure of the group-showing us more of what Knowles has been doing behind the scenes at his star making organization, MWE. Blushhh Music shares openly with fans, showcasing their ever-expanding styles and performance strategies-as well as their triumphs over personal and professional challenges. They are equally as candid in their music and inviting to those hungry for what they represent-old school recipes with new school flavors. In "Old School Back," harmonies slide smoothly under a beat that is at once new, yet familiar. Hard and headnoddin' is its effect, and for listeners it appears to be infectious.

Meaning, "Beauty Lives Under Stone Hearts," Blushhh Music is composed of powerhouse vocalist Tali, alongside two lyrically dexterous rappers, Sunni, and Bunni Ray. Blending hip-hop and R&B, the group established itself in 2013 by aiming to revive the impact of the '90s hip-hop sound, while weaving in their energetically unique own. The project is hard earned after a two-year enrollment in the same boot camp that Knowles used to groom super group Destiny's Child (Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland). There Blushhh Music discovered a more polished approach to performance. This rigorous but fundamental coaching by a professional star-builder like Knowles enforced teamwork and respect for their fans, not to mention how to face a tough industry. Thus seasoned, the trio is already connecting with audiences and increasing their visibility on high profile shows such as "The Tom Joyner Show" as well as other media appearances nationwide. Rehearsing five days a week, while performing live on weekends; the group paid dues in real sweat as they kept up the pace of training for a shot at stardom. "

Two rappers and a vocalist have never been done before. The sound is different, and the imaging is different than Destiny's Child," says Knowles. Although comparisons and even challenges can arise, including on the Tom Joyner Show appearance(, the trio maintains a distinction not just as an intact hip hop group (all female at that) but as individual talents, now polished tough enough to shine. Honing their show has included extensive treks throughout the southern region from Houston and Miami, to Atlanta before growing audiences. In a compelling teaser MWE released in the spring, Knowles hints at what could be TV's next hit reality show as he takes us into his musical world. There we find Blushhh Music both growing and glowing-with a new single to open the show as the media, and a growing audience of fans all eye their next moves.

Listen to "Old School Back,"  the latest single form Blushhh Music.