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Attendees Enjoy Luxe Appreciation Celebration at Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan's Ascension Banquet

 Fellowshipping as guests of newly appointed Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan, attendees to his 2016 Ascension Banquet received a royal showing of his and Zoe Ministries' appreciation for their support. While tickets prices may have been reputedly off-putting for some, they quickly sold out-with upwards of 600 plus RSVP's. Those who snagged tickets could not have anticipated the meticulously designed ambiance and gracious pageantry that attended the occasion. Capping several days of Prophecology 2016, which included the elevation ceremony of Jordan to archbishop, the banquet was a sumptuous affairs with every attention to detail as Jordan thanked his longtime supporters with the night of wonder. 

On July 11, 2016, guests went from the LaGuardia Marriott hotel in state-of-the-art Sprinter buses to the Oheka Castle, built on Long Island's Gold Coast in 1919. They attendees walked the formal gardens and authentic era rooms in the luxe, chateau-style estate. Upon arrival, they were given flowers and a choice of champagne as well as nonalcoholic cocktails, while elegantly appointed hosts escorted them throughout the castle. In the emerald green gardens, contemporary dancers put on a highly applauded performance and a Roman era dressed soldier in full garb recited to the crowd, while a world-class pianist and violinist serenaded them with keys and strings in the dream-like setting. The maze-like fields held oversized placards depicting the journey Jordan's 40 plus years of ministry, from childhood to present, and photographers provided photo ops for the guests. 

Inside the castle, in each room, guests got a feast from the dazzling array of food with a selection from every continent, with the final entrée and dessert served by five star chefs. During the dinner, the guests were greeted by Reverend Al Sharpton who presented awards recognizing honorees such as Prophet Manasseh Jordan, Archbishop Roy. E. Brown, and Bishop Shammah Womack. The musical atmosphere electrified the evening with former BET musical director Stanley Brown and his six-piece band joining Grammy Award Nominated vocalist Kim Burrell. In all, the evening offered a rare occasion for all to come together in an elegant display of honoring one another and celebrating another auspicious occasion for Jordan and his Zoe Ministry friends, family, and partners worldwide.
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ABOUT ARCHBISHOP E. BERNARD JORDANA Brooklyn native, Archbishop Elijah Bernard Jordan is founder of Zoe Ministries in New York, Jordan has been featured throughout the media from NBC's Today Show, FOX 5, Good Day New York, to CNN, and many others. Bishop Jordan holds his doctorate in religious studies and is the acclaimed author of numerous best-selling books from his release, "10 Things Americans Wish They Had Known and 7 Things They Have to Know," to his popular Bestsellers, "The Power of Money" and "The Laws of Prosperity."