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Trump speech writer takes the blame for wife's plagiarised speech

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By Mona Austin

A "fall girl" has emerged in the wake of Melania Trump's RNC plagiarism snafu: Meredith McIver. McIver is allegedly a speech writer employed in the Trump Organization and admits she used "some of the phrasing" from First Lady Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC speech that she got from Melania when they were working on the speech over the phone. In a letter issued yesterday on Trump Organization letterhead She said she added the passages she had taken notes on without actually reading the Obama speech. In the letter McIver explains it was a mistake for which she feels "terrible." She also said she attempted to resign, but Donald Trump gave his blessing for her to remain employed with his company.

In defending Mrs. Trump's speech, Paul Manafort, Trump campaign manager of communications offered and explanation that contradicts McIver's. On the morning following the speech he appeared on CNN with Chris Cuomo insisting Mrs. Trump would not have quoted Mrs. Obama knowing millions of people were watching, thereby deflecting the truth.