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Kim Jong Un is prepared for war with the U.S. The North Korean leader says he will continue missle testing despite requests to stop.
Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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TRAILER: 'Hidden Figures' celebrates the genius of unknown Black women mathemeticians in NASA

Margot Lee, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn are names you may not be familiar with yet, but will be soon.  They were a trio of  black women working at NASA who coded for the space program in the 1960's, a team whose history-making skills  helped  the first American astronaut, John Glenn orbit the moon.  Oscar winner Taraji P. Henson (Johnson) is joined by fellow Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (Vaughn) and singer, Janelle Monet (Lee) in leading roles.

Enduring race and gender politics during the Civil Rights Era, this team  of women inspired others to believe intelligence has no bounds. On January 13, 2017, the untold story of  "Hidden Figures" will take audiences out of this world in a major motion picture release.   Buzz and excitement has already begun building since the trailer aired during the Olympics.

Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Glen Powell, Mahershala Ali, and Aldis Hodge round out the cast of the Theodore Melf directed  film.

Click on the official trailer to watch the introduction to this incredible story.