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FOOD TRUCK REVIEW: All hail New York's Halal Guys food truck

buzzz worthy. . .

#TheHalalGuys food truck in New York offers some of the best eats arguably on any street corner anywhere. There are two located outside of the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan and there is always a long line. I first noticed the massive interest in the street corner cuisine while on Autumn vacation several years ago. "What's all the excitement about?," I asked one loyal patron who said they stood in the line almost daily. "This stuff is so good and they give you a lot for $6." The price was more than right for chopped chicken or lamb, rice and salad and the amount of people who started grubbing before they walked away was confirmation that it was worth the wait. 

I was a food truck skeptic who had to have tons of questions answered before I was totally sold on buying street food. My top question was how sanitary is it? The cooks told me the meats were prepared at a facility and reheated on their grill for a fresh taste, which made me a bit more comfortable. Then I saw a company van deliver the meats and that was finally enough assurance that the food was safe to eat. Now when I visit the city, a stop at Halal Guys, which has evolved into a global brand, is always on my agenda. 

The spices on the shaved meats perfectly marry with the special white sauce (not to be confused with tatzitki, cucumber sauce) they squirt on top of the entire meal. Combo plates are my favorite, but Gyro sandwiches are a popular menu item as well. #firstfoodtrcuklove

For thse who may have questions about the food being prepared by Muslims -- yes, the food does orginate from the Middle East and is prepared by Muslims, but diners are genuinely more concerned about the delicious taste than any religious or political implications.  Food has always had a way of uniting people of different cultures and this is no exception.

Interest in halal food is on the rise nationally.  According toBloomberg," Overall, from restaurants to supermarkets, halal sales are projected at $20 billion this year, up by one-third since 2010, according to the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, which certifies halal food and promotes education on the topic.

Wanna try the Halal Guys?  Keep in mind all Halal trucks are not created eqaul.  As with any good thing there are impersonators of the original. Look for the read and yellow unbrellas with the words "Halal Guys" written on them and you'll have the right ones.  The are locations spread throughout the city.  Specifically, this review is based on  the locations near the  Hilton where the taste is consistent.

HALAL GUYS RATING: 4 out of 5 stars
REVIEWER: Mona Austin