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OPINION: Interracial people are not superior, just different

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"Loving" is a film about the legalization of interracial marriages. A Virginia couple, Richard and Mildred Loving fought long and hard to have their relationship recognized as legal under federal law in the late 1960s. When the Lovings got together they took the risk of being ostracized in society for only one reason--LOVE. They were sentenced to one year in prison for marrying. In the nearly 50 years since winning the landmark Supreme Court decision that prohibited a ban on mixed marriages, Interracial marriages are more accepted and continue to be on the rise, yet in some instances, love is not the focal point of relationship. Love should be the essence of any healthy relationship.

Today, many people pursue inter-racial relationships with a secret wish to produce children that have "best of both worlds" at least in terms of their physical traits, believing that their offspring will have natural advantages. (Unfortunately, those who look racially ambiguous or "other" are dominating the child model market.) Some sociologists are predicting America will be a nation of mainly mixed raced people by 2050. I saw a video recently that basically suggested non-mixed people had better get used to this because it is not a trend, but will be a norm and the rest of us will be minorities, almost as if there is a new race emerging.

There seems to be pressure to conform to the interracial norm that is developining. I am uncomfortable with the idea that if you are content to marrying within your own people group you are considered you will be missing out on something or even worst a racist. I beg to differ. People have choice and preference and one is not better than the other.

In the video below, a black woman who is married to a white man addresses the fetishism and superiority complex that often comes with the desire for mixed children.