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Down with Devos: Democrats debate all night to stop 'unqaulified' Sec.of Education pick

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Sen. Sick Durbin (D-Ill.) argues against nominating Betsy Devos on Feb. 7, 2017.

It can never be said that democrats on Capitol Hill don't fight for what they believe in.

Senate dems pulled an all nighter debating to stop the nomination of Trump's Sec. of Ed pick, Betsy Devos and are expected to continue debate into Tuesday morning. Devos' career commitment to privatizing education is a threat to public schools, democrat lawmakers say. If Devos is not nominated it will set a precedent of a president's selection not making it to the senate floor for a vote. Vice Pres. Mike Pence may set a different precedent in the event of a tie. Pence would be the first veep to cast the tie-breaking vote in history for a Cabinet appointment. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine are the only two Republicans who have vowed to vote against Devos. However, the billionairess is expected to be nominated by a slim margin today. 

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois pointed out President Trump could have given Devos another reward for her loyalty and should have taken the time to select a qualified candidate for the job.