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Kim Jong Un is prepared for war with the U.S. The North Korean leader says he will continue missle testing despite requests to stop.
Multi-Grammy winner Keith Urban washonored at Grammys on the Hill inin Washington, DC for his commitment to music education in schools.
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Did Donald Trump, Jr. break the law?

Donald Trump, Jr. could possibly face collusion charges after meeting with a Russian attorney to acquire damning informtion against Hillary Rodham Clinton during the 2016 campaign.  The younger Trump has admitted to a meeting but has changed his reason for meeting several times.  The New York Times acquired emails that showed the Russian government sought to support the Trump campaign.Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016, was upset that her name was drug into American politics saying she was not on an assignment from the Kremlin and America is playing with peoples lives.“You don’t know what to do with your Trump so you are making up stories. That isn’t right. It’s not right to play with people’s lives like this.. .Because someone in America really wants to overthrow their president."

This following what President Trump summarized a private 2 hour meeting with Russian President Vladmir Putin while in Germany fro the G20 Summit as a good one and said Putin told him he had no involvement with hacking emails during th election.

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