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The truth about Gizelle and Jamal Bryant's Divorce

All season long cast mates have been commenting on the nerve Gizelle Bryant has to be a mean girl to newcomer Monique Samuels on Season 2 of the "Real Housewives of Potomac"  considering her failed marriage with a prominent Baltimore Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant.  Bryant was accused of infidelity. Gizelle has not denied that her ex was a serial cheater. Continuing to use her married name, she apparently has nothing to hide, but acts as if she has forgotten her struggles while trying to reinvent herself. 

From the moment they met, Gizelle treated Monique like she was beneath her, having a contrary did for almost everything the wealthy young mother of two said. Fed up with Gizelle;s criticism in the first part of the reunion, Monique the wife of retired NFL player Chris Samuels told at least she does not have to rely on the tithes of church member.  While Gizelle has a new make u line, she has never mentioned having another job on the show. Monique and her spouse both work in real estate.

Here is the initial account of why she and her ex-husband divorced per court records:

GIZELLE BRYANT VS. JAMAL H. BRYANT: Popular pastor and wife in divorce 

     -- by Mona Austin 

      Mega church pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant and his wife Gizelle are 
headed to divorce court. 

      After 5 and a half years of marriage Gizelle Bryant filed for a 
divorce in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County on January 9. 

      The clergyman also filed divorce papers in Baltimore City Court on 
the same day, the Baltimore Sun reports.

      Jamal Bryant is the affable 38-year-old pastor of Empowerment 
Temple A.M.E in Baltimore, Maryland. Many view him as a burgeoning 
voice in the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) denomination as his 
influence has extended nationally and internationally.

      Known for articulating relatable sermons, the former 11th grade 
drop-out who entered the prestigious Morehouse College with a GED, has 
not released a statement about the situation, likely under his 
attorney's advisement.

      "This is a private matter between Dr. Bryant and his wife, and 
we'd like to keep this matter private," attorney Jimmy A. Bell told the 

      The copious blog and chat entries on the troubled marriage suggest 
this may be a personal matter, but it is far from private. Scandalous 
rumors of alleged affairs with several women have been rampant since the 
couple's engagement. His supposed womanizing went overboard when he 
impregnated a church member said to be 17 at the time of  
copulation. When accusations of this affair surfaced in the Summer of 
2007, church leaders asked him to step down while they initiated an 
investigation and awaited paternity test results. Months after the 
investigation, Jamal Bryant remains the pastor of Empowerment Temple.

      Court records acquired from the Circuit Court of Maryland do 
indicate the pastor is the father of a least one other child who was 
born before he got married. The couple has a set of 1-year-old twins and 
a 3-year-old.

Part 2 of season 2 of the "Real Housewives of Potomac" airs on BRAVO on Sunday July 23 at 10 PM/EST.
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