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Friday, March 25, 2011


Film icon Elizabeth Taylor has died.   Known for her glamorous looks, bouts of alcoholism and multiple marriages, the film icon passed away of congestive heart failure on March 23. (She was married eight times, twice to the late  actor and co-star Richard Burton.)

Starring in such epic films as "Cleopatra," "Cat on A Hot Tin Roof" and "Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolf?,"  Taylor was an enchantress whose mysteriously colored eyes (LA time referred to them as violet colored, but they appeared to be a silvery blue) contributed to her sex symbol status.

Although she became reclusive in recent years after waning health, in terms of her style and demeanor, English-born Taylor personified old Hollywood until the end. When she was more active she demonstrated to new Hollywood what being a super star looked like, always poised and dressed up in  public.  Elizabeth Taylor, dead at the age of 79.
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