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Friday, July 6, 2012

7th Annual Atlanta Gospel Festival Kicking off July 27-29, 2012 in Atlanta, GA

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Get ready for the 7th Annual Atlanta Gospel Music, Health & Wellness Festival on July 27, 28, & 29, 2012 at the beautiful Georgia World Congress Center. The center is located at 285 Andrew Young Boulevard. The Atlanta Gospel Fest 2011 was an amazing and truly successful event. It was listed in the Atlanta Journal as the one of the Top 5 events to attend. The festival is designed to elevate your mind, body and spirit with an array of gospel music concerts, health care suites & information and financial opportunities.

Highlights for this year's inspiring festival includes many top name gospel artists, world renowned speakers and four different stages of Gospel Entertainment featuring:  Pastor Shirley Caesar, Dr. Juanita Bynum, Paul Porter, Isaac Carree Micah Stampley, Regina Belle, Damita, and many more super star Stellar Award winning artists.  

Admission for many of the general festival events is free, while tickets will be sold for admission to the concerts and the black tie reception and awards banquet. Some of the general festival events include: Christian Singles Speed dating seminar, 1st Ladies Seminar/Training, Bishop's Roundtable, Praise Dance Workshop, and Exclusive Industry Workshops hosted by Tyscott Records.  Many world renowned speakers and an exclusive Health Care Pavilion will be present at this year's event. There will be a special free kids and youth zone as well. 
This event is produced and facilitated by the Leading Women's Repertory Theatre/Lac1Productions under the direction of Dr. Riki Brooks who is the CEO/Festival Administrator for Gospelfest 2006-2011. This year's event will include a voter's registration drive hosted by the Georgia Women's League of Voters in addition to an exclusive HIV/AIDS screening and treatment mobile unit free to the public.  

Tickets are available for purchase at www.atlantagospelfest.com

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

LIVE BLOG: 2012 BET Awards

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Tiger of WPGC-FM in DC has hyped up the opening of the show as being "special." He said he saw it in rehearsals. Is D'Angelo opening the show?

  1. 8:00 There is a huge white Lamborghini on the  stage for the performance of "Lamborghini Mercy"  All the players in this collaboration : Kanye, Big Sean and crew. . .  The music and lasers dropped when Kanye strted rapping solo.   Drops the mic like it was fire hot.  Well, it kinda was.
  2. Next up, the host's intro and welcome.  It's a "Negroes in Paris" (Jay Z's song) parody featuring the host, Samuel L. Jackson.  He comes out rapping.  Then Spike Lee joins him.  They are two "distinguished Morehouse Men," says Lee after they are done. They go straight into Award for Best Group.  The first award of the evening  goes to: The Throne (Jay Z and Kanye). "I'm bad at winning, I'm bad at losing, I wish Jay Z was here to sy something politically correct to me.  Jigga dashed on to the sate and surprised Kanye.
  3. 8:19 Four-time BET Award winner and 7-time Grammy winner Usher takes the stage singing a romantic ballad, wearing a sleeveless black shirt, sleek skinny black pants and red boots.  Since he's rather dressed down I'm expecting him to move into a faster song and bust a move. The ladies in the crowd are going wild. This was nit the show stopping performance I'd opened it would be.  It was rather subdued in comparision to his set on the Vidoe Music Awards this year.
  4. 8:29  Cedric the Entertainer presents the award for Best New Artist to Big Sean. He said his mom left speech his shout out to his mom for raising him right and gave a shot out to Kane for giving him a chance
  5. 8:33 The host announced Sunday Best performers.  They sang the Clark Sisters classic "You Brought the Sunshine." The camera catched Common mouthing the words.  Hands are raised and clapping in the pit. These ladies sound a-mazing.  Their voices are enormous and garnered a partial standing ovation.
  6. Donnie Simpson, Tiger, Free, Terrence an Rocsi all former BET Hosts saluted pioneers Hal Jackson, Dick Clark and Don Cornelius.
  7. 8:42 Chante Moore rolls into a tribute to Disco Queen Donna Summer singing "Bad Girl." Her mane and platform heels alone captured the spirit fo the Disco Era that Sommers dominated, but her voice was in rare form as she hit a stratospheric note.  (Was she cut short?)
  8. 8:44 Megan Goode presents Best Male R&B Artist Chris Brown.  Undoubtedly to avoid the confusion that happened last year when the wrong name was announced and Brown was the rightful winner. 
  9. 8:47 Charles Perry, Music Matters artist performs. 
  10. 8:52 Dramatic strings opening for Nicki Minaj. With the macabre black, smoke-filled stage and long black gown she's wearing are a flashback to her Grammy levitating stunt.  She stayed on the ground throughout the performance and and the skirt came off.  At the transition into "Beez in tha Trap" she point her super-sized rear around to the crowd I'm not sure who the us is who joined her.
  11. 8:56 Slaughterhouse "classical Hip Hop."  "before presenting the momento  the award for best collaboration.  The award goes to Wale featuring Miguel.
  12. 9:04 Valerie Simpon sits alone at the piano singing one of the many songs she sang with her other half, the lat Nick Ashford. 
  13. 9:06 Melanie Fiona looks fresh and sounds breath-taking.
  14. 9:12 A clip about welcoming Kevin Hart into the fold.  He hosted the BET Awards last year. Too funny.
  15. Lala Anthony presents the award for Best Gospel Artist to Yolanda Adams. This is amazing to me becasue this is te first project on my label.  I am a witness tat ou can do anything that Godo has placed on the indisede of you. She gave shout out  to We need all of ya'll I'm saying the word needs everyone in this room.  Please use your gift responsibly. The world is watching
  16. 9:21 The moment we've all been waiting. D'Angelo is center stage singing "I Just Wanna Be Your Man." Then he and the keys became one. It was jazzy, soulful adn R&b all mixed into one.  
  17. 9:29 Mindless  Behavior a Mike Epps present Best Female R&B Award to Beyonce.  She accepted the award in an electric yellow dress with a slit up to he rhip  Thanks Lauren Hill an MJB adn deicated the award to Whitney Houston, My Angel  Thanked BET for giving  R&B a hone.
  18. 9:33 Laz Alonso acknowledges and Vy Higgensen and an honor student.
  19. 9:39 Instrumental tributes to Adam and Chuck Brown. Back to  part 2 of the Kevin Hart nd the Real Husbands of Hollywood. Samuel L. pulls out a light sabre.
  20. Comedy bit from "Highest grossing bootlegger of all time" Ranting about how he is better than Samuel L. Jackson. 
  21. 9:44 The Mayblack Music Group performs.  Rick Ross YAWN!
  22. 9:49 A very buff Busta Rhymes emerges wearing a stars and stripes wife beater" and presented Nicki Minaj
  23. 9:57 Tyler Perry presents does the intro to Maze Tribute. oe is singing "Can't Get Over You" a song he re-made.
  24. 9:51 Boris Kodjoe introduces Jennah Bell, Music Matters artist. Tyrese sings 'Joy and Pain.  Fait Evans sings "Happy Feelings."
  25. 10:08 Mr. Beverly and Maze accept the Lifetime Achievement Award.  God is good ya'll if we can learn to wait on the man a little bt instead of asking him for stuff all the time If we'll wait on him he'll show you some things.  They were joined on the stag with his grand children.  His advise to the up adn coming artist: "Don't fall for the flavor of the week. . .do what you want to to do." Performed "We Are One" and "Before I Let Go."  He was struggling vocally, but the crowd as fully engaged and knew a the word so it didn't matter.  Mr. Beverly mentioned someone passed away.  I'll be looking into this.  I think it was one of the band members?
  26. 10:28 Kerry Washington and  Jamie Foxx presented to Video of the Year, beating Beyonce. Foxx joked there would be a gfhgt a the crib.  Beyonce prented to fight Mr. Carter as he stood to go clain his prize.  Playfully Jigga interrrupts Kanye during this speech, a toss back to when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift.
  27. They introduce a clip from the movie "Django Unchained." Foxx says Kunta has evolved.  He wore a red t-shirt with a photo of Travon Martin on it.
  28. 10:35 Chris Brown emerges shirtless withhalf o his body painted as a skeleton singing "Don't Wake Me Up."   "Turn Up the Music" accented with esxcellent dance moves and back flips definately turned up the enrgy.
  29. 10:39 Samule L. jackson encourages everyone to exercise their right to vote.
  30. 10:45 CEO of BET Deborah Lee presents the 2012 Humanatarian Award to Rev. Al Sharton, head of the Action Network.  Sharpton has been on the frontline in  politics  for over 30 years and led the charge against injustice in the Trayvon Martin case.  He dedicates the award to his mother who died on the morning he was headed to Stanford, FL where Martin was shot in cold blood.  "Whatever ou do vote because this elections is not just about Obama it's about your momma," he said.  Contuinuing with the acceptance sppech her said, "Most of all I serve a mighty God. . . .When I sep out of bed in the mornign I want ever bigot and ever  unjust person in the world to say, "Damn he's up again."
  31. 10:53 The Whiteney Houston Tribute kicks off with Mariah Carey sharing the story of when she first saw Whitney.  She said they shared glances because there was a rumore they has some sort of rivalry.  They worked together on "The Prince of Egypt."  She said they got along so well, adding "If you really knew Whitney you couldn't help but love her."   Tears. . ."I miss my friend, all the joy and laughter, but we'll always have the voice."
  32. The next moment we've all been waiting for. . . 10:57 Monica starts the tribute with "I Love the Lord."  Cissy Houston will be a part of this tribute to her late daughter.  Her involvement was the only portion the producers revealed.  Brandy comes out high stepping and doing the familiar kick step as she sings "I'm Your Baby Tongiht."  These singers were influenced by Houston and had a reationship with her.  Next Brandi sings "I Wanna Dance with Somebody."  Gary, Whitney's older brother sings "I Know I Should Be There Where You Are." The two of them are on the screen in the studio. Everyone is standing. "This is for you Nippy," she sas before she delivers a heartbreaking performance of   "Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water."  Tears flowing throughout the audience.  I am  speechless and transfixed.  Everyone is simply someone's child in this unifying, very humanizing moment.  "Like a bridge over troubled water he laid you own," she concluded about the life of her fallen angel in the final words of the song.
  33. 11:11 Cast members of "Waiting to Exhale" remember Whitney.  Lala Rochon, Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine.  Chaka Khan emerges to finish the set with "Every Woman" the sone Whitney re-made.
  34. 11:23 Terrance and Rocsi present Viewer's Choice Awards to Mindless Behavior.
  35. Brandy and Lauren London, who confirmed she is the new cast member on The Game presented the award for Video Director of the Year for "We Like to Party." The second win tonight for Beyonce.
  36. 11:32 TYGA and Cash Out perform.
  37. 11:39  Samuel L. Jackson announces Chris Brown is the winner of the Fandemonium awad.  It's a wrap.
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