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Two African American Ivy leaguers create new social media app, weCliq

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Brown University alumni Robert Gillett and Marc Howland alongside Harvard University graduate Adam Demuyakor have officially completed the beta launch of the latest social mobile app, weCliq.

weCliq is an innovative and interactive app that enables users to connect and meet with other local and surrounding individuals and/or groups, putting networking, meeting and dating right at everyone’s finger tips.
“The concept is very simple. Snap a photo. Match with others nearby. Meet up now. Our app promotes the spontaneous nature of life by using live photos as the means of connecting,” says co-founder Robert Gillett, whose post college career as a professional football player in Europe helped him come up with the app’s premise. 
The iOS app (Android is scheduled for a late September release date) is a real-time social networking tool that allows users to interact with others in their vicinity through a simple photo. With key features like facial recognition and self-deleting photos, weCliq ensures that users are interacting with real people without leaving a trace. 
After weCliq earned first place out of over one hundred new startup entries in the Startup Weekend Orange County Hackathon in 2014, Gillett recruited fellow Brown classmate Marc Howland and Harvard University alumnus Adam Demuyakor to partner and further develop weCliq, officially having the app’s beta launch in the summer of 2015.  
“There is currently no means of utilizing the live content you are already generating as a way to connect with people nearby. By combining people’s inherent desire to meet with others locally and the rapidly increasing popularity of Selfies and Groupies (group-selfies), we’ve created a product that uses real-time photos to turn strangers into friends,” Howland explains. 
The entrepreneurs are planning a media and consumer VIP launch celebration during New York Fashion Week, and a college tour in the fall, recruiting student ambassadors from Columbia University, Boston University, Harvard, and NYU.