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Friday, September 25, 2015

Moulin Rouge Joins Best of France at NASDAQ

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Moulin Rouge Joins Best of France for Today's Ringing of NASDAQ Closing Bell
French Cabaret Joins in Closing of The Bell as their First Visit to NYC in 126 Years Continues
NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Moulin Rouge (http://moulinrouge.fr) made an appearance at NASDAQ this afternoon, as they joined the Best of France's CEO Paul Bensabat in the ringing of the NASDAQ closing bell at 4:00pm. Jean-Jacques Clerico, CEO of Moulin Rouge and dancers Nora Mogalle and Alexandra Freeman joined Bensabat at the podium as he rang the closing bell. Notable sponsors for the Best of France that attended included: Ambassador Francois Delattre who is France's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Claude Godard Master Chef of Madison Bistro, Jean-Louis Dumonet the Executive Chef Union Club, Anne-Laure Tuncer the Director ATOUT France, Bertrand Lortholary the Consulate General of France, and Christophe Attard an Air France representative.
"This trip has provided us with many "first" opportunities; it is such a prestigious honor to stand with Paul as he rang the NASDAQ closing bell with Best of France," states Jean-Jacques Clerico, CEO of Moulin Rouge. "We are thrilled by the warm reception we have received from New York City. Touring New York's historic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square has been quite a positive experience."
Best of France is organized by the New York French Community in partnership with many prominent organizations. This is the third edition of BEST OF FRANCE (http://www.bestoffrance.org/), formerly known as Taste of France. The celebration is expected to have thousands of visitors over the course of the weekend, and attendees will enjoy free entrance to walk the festival grounds and see abridged Moulin Rouge performances and fashion shows.
The French review is bringing "a Taste of Moulin Rouge" to New York City for the first time in 126 years, highlighting all of the glamour and elation that is a part of the French staple's rich history. Their New York City arrival marks the 130th anniversary of France's gift of the Statue of Liberty to the U.S. During their short time in NYC, the Moulin Rouge dancers have made appearances at New York City's most well-known landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Times Square. Their eventful voyage has been documented on morning shows such as: Good Day New York, New York Live, and WPIX. Over the years, the Moulin Rouge has become the most famous cabaret in the world, internationally known for its French Cancan, immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec in 1891 with his first advertising poster, as well as for its sumptuous grand stage shows: elaborate costumes boasting feathers, Swarovski crystals and sequins, fantastical settings, and original music, which festival attendees will be able to see at Best of France.
For more information on Moulin Rouge please visit http://www.moulinrouge.fr. For more information on Moulin Rouge's participation in "Best of France" please visit www.beautifulplanning.comEmail, or call 877.841.7244.
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U.S. and China Statement of Climate Change with New Domestic Policy Commitments

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The United States and China Issue Joint Presidential Statement on Climate Change with New Domestic Policy Commitments and a Common Vision for an Ambitious Global Climate Agreement in Paris
On the occasion of President Xi’s State Visit to Washington, D.C., the United States and China today marked another major milestone in their joint leadership in the fight against climate change with the release of a U.S.-China Joint Presidential Statement on Climate Change. The Statement, which builds on last November’s historic announcement by President Obama and President Xi of ambitious, respective post-2020 climate targets, describes a common vision for a new global climate agreement to be concluded in Paris this December. The Statement also includes significant domestic policy announcements and commitments to global climate finance, demonstrating the determination of both countries to act decisively to achieve the goals set last year.
·    Common vision for the Paris climate agreement As part of their commitment to a successful and ambitious Paris outcome, the two countries articulated a set of shared understandings for the agreement, including on the importance of a successful agreement that ramps-up ambition over time, pointing toward a low-carbon transformation of the global economy this century.  They agreed on the need for an enhanced transparency system to build mutual trust and confidence and promote effective implementation including through reporting and review of action and support in an appropriate manner, and made new progress on the issue of differentiation between developed and developing countries.
·    Ambitious domestic policy announcements China confirmed today that it plans to launch in 2017 a national emission trading system covering power generation, steel, cement, and other key industrial sectors, as well as implement a “green dispatch” system to favor low-carbon sources in the electric grid. These announcements complement the recent finalization of the U.S. Clean Power Plan, which will reduce emissions in the U.S. power sector by 32% by 2030.  Both countries are developing new heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency standards, to be
finalized in 2016 and implemented in 2019.  Both countries are also stepping up their work to phase down super-polluting hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).
·    Breaking new ground on climate finance Looking beyond their shores, the two countries announced further steps to help accelerate the transition to low-carbon development internationally, including a new climate finance commitment by China of CNY 20 billion ($3.1 billion) to help developing countries combat climate change and new steps to control public support for high carbon activities. The two countries

also re-affirmed their commitment to bilateral cooperation, both at the federal and sub-national levels.
Building a Common Vision for the Paris Agreement
Presidents Obama and Xi are committed to an ambitious outcome at the Paris climate conference and have articulated a concrete set of shared understandings for the Paris agreement.
On mitigating the impact of climate change, the two leaders agreed on three elements of a package to strengthen the ambition of the Paris outcome. First, they recognized that the emissions targets and policies that nations have put forward are crucial steps in a longer-range effort to transition to low-carbon economies and agreed that those policies should ramp up over time in the direction of greater ambition. Second, they
underscored the importance of countries developing and making available mid-century
strategies for the transition to low-carbon economies, mindful of the below 2 degrees
Celsius global temperature goal. Third, they emphasized the need for the low-carbon
transformation of the global economy this century.
The leaders agreed on the importance of an enhanced transparency system to build mutual trust and confidence and promote effective implementation including through reporting and review of action and support in an appropriate manner, and agreed that such a system should provide flexibility to those developing countries that need it in light of their capacities.
The leaders also made new progress on the issue of differentiation, including by reaffirming their commitment to an ambitious agreement in 2015 that reflects the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in light of different national circumstances, and embeds differentiation in the relevant elements of the agreement in a manner appropriate to each individual element. They also agreed that adaptation needs to be elevated in the international talks, and that it is a key component of the long-term global response to climate change.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Richard Smallwood's Total Praise performed during Pope's visit

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DC choir St. Augustine Gospel Choir, delivers a performance of Smallwood’s “Total Praise” before Pope Francis at the White House
New York, NY – September 23, 2015 – “Total Praise,” the beloved hit song from legendary Gospel Hall of Fame singer, composer and arranger Richard Smallwood – remains an enduring powerful source of strength and hope, as his hit tune was selected by the St. Augustine Gospel Choir for a special performance in Washington DC today, during the DC choir’s performance before Pope Francis at the White House on Wednesday, September 23rd.  Almost 20 years since Smallwood released the song in 1996 with his ensemble Vision, “Total Praise” continues to be one of the most popular classics among choirs and fans from the prolific catalog of the longtime DC native, giving praise and comfort to millions of listeners.
“I was overjoyed to hear the news,” said Richard Smallwood.  “This has to go on the list of one of the top honors of my life.  It’s amazing that 20 years after ‘Total Praise’ was written it is still sung all over the world, in different languages, in secular arenas and now for the pope.” 
In June, Richard Smallwood released ANTHOLOGY LIVE, a brilliant collection of 11 new songs and 3 medleys, with interludes that capture the inspiration and journey of his 40 year career.  Performed with his longtime choir Vision, the new project celebrates the legendary musician’s past and confirms his mainstay in gospel music. 
Richard Smallwood with Vision “Anthology Live” Retail Links
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