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Friday, November 13, 2015

Rejoice Musical Soulfood Live concert photos

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Event hosts Mike and April Chandler
Casey J

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stage worn dresses of Whitney Houston to be auctioned in Nashville this weekend

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 11, 2015 -- Fifteen gowns and dresses previously owned by Whitney Houston, some worn on-stage and others at events and galas, plus some of the late singing legend's personal effects – such as pins, costume jewelry and other stage items – will be sold at public auction on Saturday, Nov. 21st, by Stevens Auction Company, at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Resort. Ms. Houston's fifteen dresses and gowns are in pristine, like-new condition. All of them were important to the late singer's career and the public will be viewing them for the first time since she wore them and they went into storage. Perhaps the most important one of the group is a gold and white dress designed by Bob Mackie. All the dresses, though, are seen as highly collectible. The dresses and personal effects are from the late singer's Bodyguard World Tour, launched on the heels of the hit movie The Bodyguard (starring Ms. Houston and Kevin Costner) and taking her to numerous countries on five continents, from July 1993 to November 1994. At the end of the tour, the items were placed into storage at a New Jersey facility, where they sat undisturbed. For reasons that are still unclear, storage fees went unpaid and piled up over the course of many years. Finally, a court ordered that some of the items be sold at auction to satisfy that debt. In 2007, five dresses and three ensembles from Houston's wardrobe were sold at auction. Then, in 2012, just weeks after the singer's death, another auction was held, this time in Beverly Hills. At that sale, a bustier embellished with elaborate beading, rhinestones and pearls hammered for $19,200; the grey velvet gown Houston wore when she attended the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party with then-husband Bobby Brown in 1996 brought $11,520; and two sets of earrings and a vest worn in The Bodyguard (1992) fetched $8,500. In all, bidders paid a total of about $80,000. The Whitney Houston items are the undisputed stars of the auction, but also sold will be many fine antique items, pulled from prominent estates and collections from Texas to the East coast. Included will be priceless American and European antiques. The Nov. 21st auction will get underway at 10 a.m. Central time, and an auction open house (or preview) will take place on Friday, Nov. 20th, from 3-8 p.m. The auction will be broadcast in real time around the world through LiveAuctioneers.com, but bidders should know that they must register to bid online at least 12 hours prior to the start of auction. Stevens Auction Company may be reached by phone at (662) 369-2200; or, you can e-mail them at stevensauction@bellsouth.net. To learn more about Stevens Auction Company and the upcoming November 21st auction, visit www.stevensauction.com.
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National Geographic Channel Presents “Saints & Strangers,” 4-hour untold storybehind first Thanksgiving

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National Geographic Channel Presents “Saints & Strangers,”
a Four-Hour Television Movie Event That Reveals
the Epic Untold Story Behind the First Thanksgiving


Produced by Sony Pictures Television With Little Engine Productions,
the Two-Night Movie Event Saints & Strangers Premieres Nov. 22-23 at 9/8c
(WASHINGTON, DC) In November 1620, after 66 days at sea, the Mayflower arrived in New England’s Provincetown Harbor with 102 men, women and children aboard. The brutal journey across the ocean on a vessel never intended to carry passengers had left many sick, hungry and dying. And though the sight of land brought great relief to the travelers, little did they know their journey had only just begun.
National Geographic Channel’s two-night movie event Saints & Strangers, premiering Nov. 22-23 at 9/8c, goes deep inside the familiar historical account of Thanksgiving, revealing the trials and tribulations of the first settlers at Plymouth and their complex relationship with the Native Americans.
Saints & Strangers is produced by Sony Pictures Television with Little Engine Productions. For more information on the movie, visit www.natgeotv.com/SaintsAndStrangers or our press site www.foxflash.com, or follow us on Twitter using @NGC_PR or #SaintsAndStrangers.
Of those who made the journey on the Mayflower, there were those we know as “saints,” religious separatists who abandoned their prior lives for a single cause — religious freedom. The others, the “strangers,” were motivated by real-world material objectives and adventure as opposed to spiritual ideas. This clash of values between these groups created complex inner struggles as they sought to establish new individual identities and a new colony in America, compounded by a complicated relationship with, and between, the local Native American tribes. It’s a story of survival, perseverance, dedication and commitment — themes that reverberate throughout American society today.
“Growing up, we learn about the Mayflower and the colonization of America, but we never learn the whole story. The real story is an incredible survival story. Saints & Strangers is the opportunity to tell the world about our country,” said Executive Producer Gina Matthews. “The Native Americans are determined to maintain their way of life just as much as the Pilgrims are determined to start theirs anew. This is one of those stories where once both groups start down a path, history is changed forever,” added Executive Producer Grant Scharbo.
The cast tasked with telling this story for the ages includes Vincent Kartheiser (“Mad Men”) as “saints” leader William Bradford, the colony’s moral compass; Anna Camp (“Pitch Perfect”) as his wife Dorothy Bradford, still haunted by their decision to leave their three-year-old son behind for the journey to the New World; Ron Livingston (“Band of Brothers”) as John Carver, the initial leader of the Pilgrims and the first governor of the Plymouth Colony; Barry Sloane as Edward Winslow, who would serve as a diplomat to the nearby Pokanoket tribe and their leader, Massasoit; and Michael Jibson as Myles Standish, the colony’s military advisor.
The “strangers” are led by Ray Stevenson (“Black Sails”) as Stephen Hopkins, who, despite his checkered past, is the only Mayflower passenger who had previously been to the New World; Natascha McElhone (“Californication”) as his wife, Elizabeth Hopkins, who gives birth to their second child aboard the Mayflower and is one of only four women to survive to the first Thanksgiving; and Brían F. O’Byrne (“Aquarius”) as John Billington, an antagonistic patriarch of a family known for troublemaking.
The Pilgrims were far from the first settlers in the area, and conflicts and shifting alliances between the region’s Native American tribes — both with the settlers and among each other — played a vital role in the survival of the colony. Raoul Trujillo (“Apocalypto”) plays Massasoit, the sachem — or leader — of the Pokanoket tribe, whose population has been decimated by disease, leaving him uncertain of how to deal with the arrival of the new settlers. Joining him are Tatanka Means (“Banshee”) as Hobbamock, one of Massasoit’s men and a “pniese” — an elite warrior thought to be unkillable in battle — and Kalani Queypo (“The New World”) as Squanto, a former captive and slave of English explorers, who has crossed the Atlantic four times and acts as a translator and negotiator between Massasoit and the governors of the Plymouth Colony. Also playing key roles are Bianca Mannie and Nahum Hughes as Kaya and Wematin, the wife and son of Hobbamock; Michael Greyeyes (“Klondike”) as Canonicus of the Narragansett; Del Zamora (“Longmire”) as Aspinet of the Nauset; and Tamer Burjaq (“Homeland”) as Wituwamat of the Massachusett.
The movie also features main title theme music scored by Oscar-, Golden Globe-, and Grammy award-winning composer Hans Zimmer. Bleeding Fingers Music — a partnership between Zimmer and Extreme Music — scored the film.
Unfolding over two nights, Saints & Strangers begins at sea, with passengers sick and weary from a seemingly endless voyage. The first night explores hardships faced by the passengers aboard the Mayflower and as they begin to build their settlement at Plymouth. With half of their population dead after the first winter, the settlers are concerned about their vulnerability to attacks by the area Native American tribes, who themselves are divided on how to deal with the English. One leader, Massasoit of the Pokanoket tribe, chooses diplomacy first, putting him at odds with some of his peers. With the aid of an English-speaking emissary, the Pokanoket make peace with the Pilgrims, putting them in a position of great power among the other tribes. “I do not long for home. I am home,” says William Bradford in the movie, perfectly reflecting the will of these first settlers to survive despite seemingly insurmountable odds.
On the second night, alliances are put to the test when a betrayal by the settlers leads to a broken agreement with the Pokanoket. Finding themselves again exposed, a new threat emerges for the Pilgrims as rumors spread that the natives are planning to attack the English. But after the Pilgrims help nurse an ailing Massasoit back to health, he warns them of the danger. The Pilgrims preemptively strike first and are victorious, and the Plymouth Colony’s renewed alliance with the Pokanoket would go on to last for more than 50 years.
A true story of survival, sacrifice, alliances and betrayals, Saints & Strangers shines a light on the desperate and often reckless decisions that went into the founding of one of the first American settlements and the reverberations of those decisions, which would last for centuries to come.
Saints & Strangers is produced for National Geographic Channels US by Sony Pictures Television. For Little Engine Productions, Grant Scharbo and Gina Matthews are executive producers. Teri Weinberg is also executive producer, Eric Overmyer is executive producer/writer and Seth Fisher is executive producer/writer. The original script was written by Chip Johannessen, with revisions by Walon Green. Paul Edwards is the director and Hans Zimmer is the executive music producer. For Sony Pictures Television, executive vice president of movies and limited series is Helen Verno. For National Geographic Channels, president of original programming and production is Tim Pastore and vice president of production is Matt Renner.
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Dr. F. James Clark and the Shalom Church (City Of Peace) Mass Choir enter Billboard chart and earn 8 Rhythm of Gospel Award noms

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St. Louis, MO -- Under the musical direction of seasoned Music Minister Dello Thedford and produced and directed by prolific songwriter and arranger Oscar Williams, Jr., Dr. F. James Clark and the Shalom Church (City Of Peace) Mass Choir have praised their way into the Top 30 on the Billboard Gospel Radio Chart.  Their #28 chart positioning this week makes Shalom CCOP Choir the ONLY CHOIR IN THE TOP 30 with their high-praise anthem "We Praise Your Name".  
"I am truly blessed and humbled to have been able to be produce a gospel project that is blessing the nations," shares  Oscar Williams, Jr., producer and Artistic Director for The Potters House Dallas, TX.  "The Shalom Church Choir has given great ministry mixed with diverse songs that has catapulted this independent choir to national status! Is a true testament to the fact that promotion comes from God and Him alone."
Gospel Radio stations across the country have embraced Shalom CCOP's single and project and their listeners are responding with testimonials of being blessed and uplifted.   "We Praise Your Name is a powerful praise anthem that energizes and encourages that it is His name we Praise," says Robyn McCollum, WNAP 1110AM Gospel Highway Eleven Radio Music Director.  "This great choir song has such a great message and is a blessing to me and our listeners!" 
"This awesome project has been a blessing to Edmondson Communications and it is ministering too people all over this country," states Al Edmonson, radio promoter and owner of Edmonson Communications.  "But I have to acknowledge the support from all the radio stations that added 'We Praise Your Name', we thank you!"
Dr. Clark and the Shalom CCOP Choir have also snagged an astonishing eight Rhythm of Gospel Award Nominations.  The choir has been nominated for Special Event CD, Praise & Worship Song, CD of the Year, Song of the Year, Traditional Choir, Producer of the Year (Oscar Williams, Jr.) Contemporary Choir and Church Choir of the Year.  Rhythm of Gospel Awards voting is open to the public through March 1st.  http://www.therhythmofgospelawards.com/VOTING.html
Dr. Clark and his dynamic St. Louis, MO based choir released SIMPLY AMAZING in June with an impressive debut on Billboard Top Gospel Albums Chart at #3.   SIMPLY AMAZING spent several weeks on the Top 40 sales chart and continues to reach a multitude of consumers across the globe.  SIMPLY AMAZING, distributed by New Day Christian Distributors, features a stellar roster of guest appearances by Earnest Pugh ("Trust Me"), Lecresia Campbell ("When I See The Blood"), and Rev. Quincy Fielding, Jr ("The Lord Is Blessing Me").  
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Guidelines and Deadline for California SCLC MLK Oratorical Contest Announced

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Deadline to Enter is Sunday, December 20, 2015
Winners Will Receive Cash Prizes
ANGELES, CA – The Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California (SCLC-SC) Emerging Leaders is holding Essay & Oratorical and Art Contests as a part of King Legacy Week 2016.  Civil rights champion Martin Luther King, Jr. once delivered a powerful speech with this resonant line:  “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”  Students are encouraged to study Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy and integrate how his work helped to break barriers into their contest creations.
“The tragedies of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and others have stirred a movement in our country where young African Americans are pushing back through their own form of activism against a system that disenfranchises them,” said Jamie E. Wright, Esq., SCLC-SC Board Member and Emerging Leaders Chairperson. “With this activism in mind, we want to challenge them to be critical thinkers about the political landscape and how they need and want to be engaged by those elected to serve them. And that's what this year's essay topic and theme attempt to accomplish.”
The contests are open to all Southern California middle and high school students to compete in two categories:  Grades 6 through 8 and Grades 9 through 12, with the finalists receiving cash prizes.  All entries must be submitted no later than Sunday, December 20, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.
A maximum of twenty-five (25) entries will be selected from each age group to participate in the live Essay& Oratorical semi-finals on Saturday, January 9, 2016.  Three entries from each age group will be selected to advance to the live finals on Tuesday, January 12th. 
A first, second, and third place winner will be selected from each age group and will win $500, $375 and $125 respectively in each contest.  In addition, the school with the most qualifying applications will receive a grant for $500.00.  
All winning students will be recognized at the SCLC-SC Legacy Awards Benefit Gala January 18, 2016 with the Essay & Oratorical Grand Prize Winner reciting all or a portion of their winning essay, and the Original Art Grand Prize Winner’s entry on display.
The application and official rules can be found at www.SCLC-SC.org beginning December 1, 2015.
Applications and essays must submitted via email to Juanita Hamilton at sustainingpeace@aol.com with a copy also submitted to Jamie Wright at jamie.wrightesq@gmail.com.  Applications and essays must be sent to both individuals in order to qualify.  Failure to follow these exact rules will result in automatic disqualification. 
For more information regarding the SCLC-SC Emerging Leaders Youth Essay & Oratorical and Original Art Contests and King Legacy Week Festival send an email to: SCLCsocal@gmail.com.
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Nielsen presents "DO" entertainment industry workshop at Faithful Central Bible Church

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Los Angeles, CA (November 10, 2015) – Inspirational Speaker, Producer and Founder of Destiny Outreach, Danita Patterson teamed up with Film Producer, DeVon Franklin to kick off the first day of a powerful two-day event. During the morning session, November 7th, Patterson conducted an interactive workshop experience that helped registrants discover and explore how to unlock their full potential through Vision Clarification, Goal Setting, Action Planning and Interactive Exercises.  The session was a recipe for success that started with Patterson laying out the key ingredients of Finding and Fighting For Your Dreams, while allowing Franklin to unknowingly blend them all together like a master chef during the Fulfilling Your Dreams segment.  The two worked well together and completed the day with an interview and inspiring words that left everyone singing their praises.
Those who missed Day #1 can make plans now to attend the final day of empowerment. On Saturday, November 14th  9:00am-3:00pm, Nielsen and Destiny Outreach will present power-packed Entertainment Business panels at The Tabernacle West Wing, 321 N. Eucalyptus Avenue in Inglewood, California.  In addition to the Hollywood Executive panel, a special presentation by presenting sponsor, Cheryl Pearson-McNeil; SVP U.S. Strategic Community Alliances & Consumer Engagement for Nielsen is scheduled.
Doors open at 8:45am …Registration is free, but required, for attendance:
Carl Gilliard, Actor, Producer & Artistic Director, FCBC Repertory Company | Moderator
Sharif Atkins (Guardians Of The Galaxy, White Collar)
Victoria Burrows, Casting Executive (Lord Of The Rings, The Walk, Flight, The Hobbit)
Richard Lawson Acting Coach (For Colored Girls, Being Mary Jane)
Elise Neal (The Hughleys, Money Talks)
Erica Tazel (Justified, Roots Remake)
Debra Langford | Moderator
Jennifer DaRe’, Talent Manager Bohemia Group
Darrell Miller, Entertainment Lawyer, Fox Rothschild
Gina McAllister, Business Manager, Fortitude Financial Mgmt..
Cheryl Pearson-McNeil, SVP U.S. Strategic Community Alliances & Consumer Engagement, Nielsen

CREATING AND PRODUCING TELEVISION & FILM CONTENTDanita Patterson, Founder/Destiny Outreach & CEO, Producer/Destiny Unlimited, Inc. | Moderator
Zoanne Clack Executive Producer/Writer, (Greys Anatomy)
Ayanna A Floyd Co-Executive Producer/Writer ( Empire, Hannibal)
Stacey Evans Morgan Writer/Producer (Love That Girl, The Parkers)
Patrick Ingram, Line Producer (Civilians, Night Stalker)
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Long List of Veterans Day Freebies

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A select group of vets were invited to breakfast at the White House with the POTUS, while millions of others took advantage of free food and perks as businesses and restaurants across the nation offer freebies and discounts to those  who have acted as current or past  U.S. military personnel.  The latter is often underappreciated group.  Today is the one day of the year that is set aside to honor vets for preserving an protecting the nation's freedoms.  The rules are different for just about every establishment. 

The perks range form free transportation to free food and haircuts.  Before taking advantage of the appreciative offers, it is important to be prepared. Some places require service uniforms, some only offer the deal during limited hours, while others offer select menu items.  That is not the case at buffet restaurant Golden Corral which has been known to have lines wrapped around the building for hours because they salute vets with a full meal. 

The Slice found  a long list of dining options and other special services for Vets and even more on the Military benefits site at http://militarybenefits.info/veterans-day-discounts-sales-deals-free-meals/


Applebee’s – Restaurant offering veterans and active military a free meal from open to close on Nov. 11. Find more information here

Bob Evans – Veterans and active military personnel get the choice of a free breakfast menu item on Nov. 11. Find more information here

Bonefish Grill – Veterans and active military get free Bang Bang Shrimp on Nov. 11. Find more information here

California Pizza Kitchen – Veterans and active military personnel can choose a free entrée from a list of pizzas, salads and pastas. Find more information here

Carrabba’s — All veterans and active duty service members get a free appetizer November 9 through 15.

Cheeseburger in Paradise – Free burger with fries on Nov. 11. Find more information here
Chili’s – Veterans and active military personnel get free meal from a selection of items.More information here

Cracker Barrel – Veterans receive free Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake on Nov. 11; 10% of sales from the cake will go to the USA Transition 360 Alliance. Find more information here

Dairy Queen – Select Dairy Queen locations will offer free $5 lunches on Veterans Day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; offer includes the following locations: Noblesville DQ Grill & Chill at 5625 Pebble Village Ln, Carmel DQ Grill & Chill at 9802 N Michigan Rd, Meridian St DQ Grill & Chill at 9040 N Meridian St, Indy DQ Grill & Chill at 2425 National Ave, and Greencastle DQ Grill & Chill in Greencastle

Denny’s – Veterans and active military get Free Build Your Own Grand Slam from 5 a.m. to noon on Nov. 11. Find more information here

Dunkin’ Donuts – Free medium hot or iced coffee on Nov. 11. Find more information here
FATZ Café — Veterans and active military get a free World Famous Calabash Chicken meal on November 11.

Fazoli’s – Veterans and active military get free Build Your Own Pasta on Nov. 11. Find more information here

Golden Corral – Free thank you dinner on Military Appreciation Night (Nov. 11 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.). Find more information here

Great Clips – Veterans get free haircuts on Nov. 11. In addition, customers who come in for haircuts on Nov. 11 will receive a free haircut card that they can give to a veteran.More information here

Hooters – Veterans and active military get a free menu item of their choice of a pre-selected menu on Nov. 11. Find more information here

IHOP – Free Red, White & Blue pancakes for veterans and active military from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Nov. 11. Find more information here

Johnny`s Car Wash (N. Main Avenue, Scranton) Free premium car wash to all veterans and current military members. All you have to do is bring your car to the car wash in North Scranton from 9 AM until 1 PM.

Krispy Kreme Krispy Kreme is offering a free doughnut and small coffee to all veterans on November 11 at participating locations.

Krystal — Active and retired military receive a free Krystal Chicken or Sausage Biscuit from 6 AM to 11:00 AM on November 11.

Little Caesars – Veterans and active military personnel receive a free $5 Hot-N-Ready lunch combo, which includes a small deep dish pizza and a 20-ounce drink. Find more information here

Logan’s Roadhouse — In addition to the 10% military discount offered every day, military and former military guests will also receive a free dessert on November 11.

Long John Silver’s – Offering a free 2-piece fish basket to our veterans this week at participating locations. Find more information here

Lyft – Veterans will be able to use the service for free transportation to jobs, interviews and other employment events. Find more information here

Meineke – Veterans and active military get free basic oil change on Nov. 11. Find more information here

O’Charley’s – Veterans and active duty service members get a free $9.99 meal on November 9, as well as free pie on November 11.

Olive Garden – Veterans and active military eat free from selection of entrées. Family members dining with them also get 10% off their meals. Find more information here

On the Border — Veterans and active duty military can enjoy a free meal from the “Create Your Own Combo menu” on November  11.

Outback Steakhouse – Veterans and active military personnel receive free Bloomin’ Onion and beverage on Nov. 11; deployed personnel can get a rain check for the offer. Find more information here

Ponderosa – Veterans and active military receive free buffet on Nov. 11 from 4 p.m. to close. Find more information here

Red Lobster – Veterans and active military receive their choice of free appetizer or dessert; offer good from Nov. 9 through Nov. 12. Find more information here

Red Robin – Veterans and active military personnel get free Red’s Tavern Double burger with bottomless steak fries on Nov. 11. Find more information here

Ruby Tuesday — Veterans, active duty and reserve service members get a free appetizer on November 11.

Starbucks — Veterans, active duty service members and spouses get a free tall coffee on November 11 at participating locations.

Sticky Fingers — Veterans, active, inactive or retired servicemen and servicewomen get a free entrée up to a $12.99 value on November 11. In addition to the free meal, veterans who dine-in get a coupon valued at $10 to be used on their next visit.

Texas Roadhouse – Veterans and active military get free meal from pre-selected menu plus choice of drink. Find more information here

TGIFridays — Veterans and active duty military get a free lunch from a select menu on November 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Uber – Veterans will be able to use the service for free transportation to jobs, interviews and other employment events. Find more information here.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill – Veterans and active military get a free entrée or individual pizza with an entrée or pizza purchase of equal or greater value on November 11.

White Castle – Veterans and active military get free breakfast slider with choice of small coffee or small drink. Find more information here
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

TUNE-IN ALERT: The fourth Republican debate airs tonigt on the FOX Buisness Network

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Amid GOP presidential candidates’ concerns over reformatting the debates Sean Cairncross, the RNC's chief operating officer was appointed as media debate negotiator. Ahead of the fourth debate Republicans presidential candidates released their list of demands for furtre debates, such as setting time limits and no personal questions. The debate requirements Fox News released caught the party off gaurd by eliminating key players.  This will be the smallest debate to date.  Only the top 8 candidates qaulified for the main stage.  That leaves out New ersey Governor, Chris Christie and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who were demoted to the earlier debate along with Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum.  Based on national poll ratings, the netwok decided to offer the main stage to candidates polling above 2.5%.  Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, former New York Gov. George Pataki, and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore did not qualify for either debate. With Donal d Trump in the lead polling at 25%, followed closely by Ben Carson at 24%. The Wall Street Journal and Fox Business Network are hosting the next Republican presidential primary debates on Tuesday, Nov. 10, in Milwaukee starting at 9 p.m. Eastern.
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New Orleans music legend Allen Toussaint dies, Recording Academy Responds

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Allen Toussaint, the man behind "Lady Marmalade" has died. Performing until the very end,  Toussaint passed away from a heart attack following a concert performance in Spain. He was one of New Orleans more legendary musicians.  The Recording Academy had this to say about his passing:

"A Recording Academy Trustees Award recipient, Allen Toussaint was one of music’s most influential figures to hail from New Orleans. A multifaceted songwriter, producer and performer, his iconic songs such as “Working In A Coal Mine,” “Mother-In-Law" and “Lady Marmalade” were a gumbo of stylized soul, funk and R&B — a sound that came to be synonymous with the Big Easy. Further solidifying his rich legacy, his songs were recorded by a diverse group of artists such as Jerry Garcia, Ringo Starr, Glen Campbell, Devo, the Band, and the Rolling Stones, among others. The music community has lost a true icon, and we share our deepest condolences with Allen’s family and friends, and with those who had the privilege of collaborating with him."
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Hyundai and the Recording Academy Launch Fourth Annual Grammy Amplifier Program

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015 — Hyundai and The Recording Academy® today announced the launch of the fourth annual GRAMMY Amplifier®  program.  GRAMMY Amplifier is an innovative online music initiative providing aspiring artists with the opportunity to realize their passion and further their musical careers through one-of-a-kind experiences that serve to showcase their talent.  Entrants are invited to upload their songs for consideration at www.grammyamplifier.com, which is now mobile optimized for submissions via smartphone and tablet. 

The 2016 winners will be selected by Amplifier curators: GRAMMY®-nominated hip-hop artist Big Sean, GRAMMY winner Lzzy Hale, lead singer and guitarist of hard-rock band Halestorm, and rising country superstar Sam Hunt. The program curators will sort and listen to submissions and select three winners, who will each receive one of three prize packages:  a studio recording session with a GRAMMY- winning producer; an opening slot for a noted artist and/or a series of festival shows; or the filming of a music video with a celebrated director.

"GRAMMY Amplifier is an amazing program that not only inspires and encourages new artists, but also provides important resources that will help throughout their musical journey,” said Big Sean. “The Internet is an incredible tool and I know firsthand how it can help build an artist's career, profile and fan base."

"I’m honored to be part of a program where I can help elevate new and emerging talent,” said Hunt. “It wasn’t long ago I was an unknown artist, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the people who helped me with the tools I needed to start my career. I look forward to shining a light on these aspiring musicians.”

"Whether you’re a player, singer or songwriter, the GRAMMY Amplifier
program can help you find your voice,” said Hale. “I've been in Halestorm for 18 years and I know that this is a really tough business that takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but it also requires great risk and a lot of determination proving yourself gig after gig. The talented artists that have entered this program in the past have received so much in the way of advice, but most of all they've been given an opportunity, and as musicians that is the one thing we all hunger for — the opportunity."

The GRAMMY Amplifier program is now open for submissions and will close on December 16th, 2015. Program hopefuls can upload their song on the GRAMMY Amplifier website and drive friends, family and fans to listen and "amplify" their track. Based on total track plays and social media “amplifications,” a top 25 list of semifinalists will be selected Dec. 16. Point accumulations will then continue only for the semifinalist group through Jan. 4, 2016, at which time a group of 10 finalists will be selected and submitted to the GRAMMY Amplifier curators.

The finalists will then be flown to Los Angeles to participate in a Music Business Immersion Day with the goal of educating them on social media promotion, copyrights, and publishing, among other topics. The final three winners will be announced during GRAMMY Week in February 2016.

Since its inception, videos featuring GRAMMY Amplifier winners have exceeded 11 million views on YouTube.  Over the past three years thousands have submitted their music to GRAMMY Amplifier ambassadors, including GRAMMY winners Mark Ronson and Mike Shinoda, as well as GRAMMY Amplifier curators such as Ariana Grande and Allen Stone and GRAMMY winners the Band Perry, Robert Glasper, Kendrick Lamar, and Ziggy Marley. Winners have received prizes that afforded them the opportunity to record music with a GRAMMY- winning producer, film professional-caliber music videos and perform onstage at numerous live music festivals, including The Billboard Hot 100 Festival, Rolling Stone Live Presents and Bro-Am.

For an overview of how to enter and to learn more about GRAMMY Amplifier, a Hyundai Music Initiative, go to https://youtu.be/zuI_Ho7bit4

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Farrakhan commemorates Million Man March in contrast to expected message

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This October in DC, thousands showed up packing the national mall and capitol lawn for the 20th Anniversary of the Million man March Nation of Islam Leader Minister Louis Farrakhan’s explained the meaning of the controversial theme of the commemorative million man march that Justice or else means unless America stops injustice against minorities and indigenous people. Twenty years ago the march was attended by men only, this year’s march perhaps signaling a new recruitment agenda.  Participants from all races and religious factions united for the event.  I met Christians who supported the event.
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"Guilty By Color" Brings Together Diverse Talents, Proves Hollywood Love Affair With Mafia Continues

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"Guilty By Color" Brings Together Diverse Talents, Proves Hollywood Love Affair With Mafia Continues
Giovanni Gambino and Richard Pryor, Jr. collaborate on timely, hard-hitting tale of racism and police injustice
NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2015  -- Author Giovanni Gambino, together with Richard Pryor, Jr., have penned an emotional page-turner of a story that is as relevant today as it's ever been. "Guilty By Color" examines the effects that institutional prejudice can have on individuals, a phenomenon that the late comedian Richard Pryor experienced firsthand. "Guilty By Color" is available at Barnes & Noble and available today on Amazon.
"Giovanni Gambino is the real deal. He's not just a Gambino. He is The Gambino," says long-time friend and associate Joseph David Savoy.

Incidents of police brutality make headlines today, thanks in part to social media, but they're nothing new for many people in underprivileged communities. Richard Pryor witnessed racial prejudice his entire life, and he weaved this sad reality into some of his best-known bits. His son carries on that tradition in the medium of fiction. Pryor, Jr.'s collaboration with Gambino brings together a stand-up comedy empire and one of the nation's most infamous crime families – all for a powerful and important cause.

"Guilty By Color" follows the plight of an African American farmer falsely accused of the murder of a white woman. Set in Mississippi in 1982, the region has yet to recover from the upheaval of the civil rights era. The trial draws national attention, and many believe a guilty verdict is inevitable. "Guilty By Color" is successful as both a courtroom procedural drama and a penetrating look at how simmering racial prejudice can lead to the worst sorts of injustice.
The late Richard Pryor's story will soon be retold in the form of a major motion picture. The Weinstein Company plans to start production in March 2016. A bevy of A-list actors has already been tapped for the feature. Mike Epps earned the role of Pryor, while Kate Hudson will play his widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor. Oprah Winfrey will play Pryor's grandmother, who raised the comic in the brothel she operated. Eddie Murphy rounds out the cast as Leroy "Buck" Pryor, Richard's father.
With "Guilty By Color," Gambino and Pryor, Jr. hope to keep part of Richard Pryor's legacy alive – namely, his insightful and provocative window into how people of color often remain marginalized, despite civil rights legislation.

About the Author
Giovanni Gambino was born in the province of Palermo in Sicily. He grew up in Torretta, located in a mountainous area overlooking Palermo. He is the youngest in a family that included four sisters and a brother. His family moved to the neighborhood known as Bensonhurst in southwest Brooklyn in 1988. Over the years, Giovanni has developed a passion for writing, including screenwriting. Giovanni has fostered relationships with major movie producers, and he is on his way to building a highly respected career in Hollywood.
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Havoc Da Mouthpiece Drops New Soundtrack 'Go Hard: The Tru Utold Story o West Coast Hip Hop

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Ice T, Too Short, Yo Yo and Kurupt
Support Havoc Da Mouthpiece's Proclaim
To "Go Hard" It's "Gaim Chng3r" Time

Los Angeles - Straight outta' South Central Los Angeles, Havoc Da MouthPiece hails as one the true originators of West Coast gangsta' hip hop! Real hip hop hard heads recall Havoc as a standout pioneer, spearheading the West Coast reign when he was the front man for the rap crew South Central Cartel aka SCC. The group were the first 'left' coast rappers to sign to Def Jam and nurtured a loyal cult following with hits like "U Gotta Deal Wit Dis," "Pops Was a Rolla," All Day Everyday," "Eastside-Westside" and "It's an S.C.C Thang."
Ironically, Havoc, a Chicago native, also has roots nestled deep in the legacy of R&B as well. Havoc is not only a rap legend, but he is also the son of legend. His father, Robert "Squirrel" Lester was one of the founding members of the legendary soul group the Chi-Lites.  
Considering the depth of his musical roots coupled with his passion, there is probably no one better positioned to revive the West Coast rap scene by not only recapturing its history, but also continuing its vintage sound. Under the banner of his new imprint, Gaim Chng3r Enterprizes, Havoc is steadfastly forging a new legacy in hip hop. For the past two years he has been documenting historic interviews with major artists who were in the game from the very beginning. Over 30 artists have been interviewed to date, including Ice-T, Too Short, Warren G, Kurupt, Yo Yo, Da Brat, Ms. Toi, Xzibit and Lighter Shade of Brown.  The footage will be revealed in his new film,"Go Hard: The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hip," slated for release in 2016 and the soundtrack, featuring several of Gaim Chng3r's newly signed acts, is available now!

Interview snippets and promotional shout outs from a slew of veteran rap artists including hip hop heroes like Rappin 4-Tay,JJ Fad, Kam, Money B and WC, as well as videos from Gaim Chng3r's new artists, are featured on the Gaim Chng3r Enterprize YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUNdNFf1eFlCB_O3bZxZhw. The page is also an archive for vintage music videos from over 30 acts supportive of and or featured in the film project.
Havoc has masterminded a diverse assembly of artists for Gaim Chng3r's roster, all reflecting his hardcore sentiments about the wild, wild west. The "Go Hard" soundtrack  is fully loaded with thirteen rough and ride 'em tracks that sizzle with scorching West Coast heat. Female vocalist Neveah regulates the seduction with "Boom," Chanel Royale rips the heat on "187 Murder," and Drewp featuring J. Blue keeps it real South Central with their own cartel on "Talkin' Money" and break down the politics of green.  Tiffani Lewis'  "Pain," featuring Cali Pitts, is a street litany that flows R&B with a hardcore rap edge and D.K.F.C.'s "It's Over" bounces like a low rider with pure ghetto heat. Jank Mobb spits real, raw and unapologetically ruthless on "Sum_Mo_Sh*t," leaving Shoota Mac featuring J. Blue to take it to the bedroom with "Private Affair" and new super producer Big E regulates with impact on "Wat I'm On."
"South Central Cartel helped to carve the landscape of the West Coast rap scene. We were right alongside artists like N.W.A. and Tupac back in the day, giving the world a peak into this Cali street life," notes Havoc.
Flashback photo:  standing left to right: unidentified, DJ Kaos (SCC), (unidentified),  Havoc Da Mouthpieice (SCC), Spice 1 and LV (SCC)
kneeling:  Tupac, DJ Gripp, Prodeje (SCC) and Havikk the Rhymeson (SCC)
"I've been true to this music for three decades now, different incarnations, but always true to the game. With 'Go Hard: The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hip,' I am not only honoring and celebrating this west side journey, I am positioning it for a greater outreach into the future. Gaim Chng3r is the new face of West Coast rap and the rebel cry is 'Go Hard' because we can't go home, this is home! The movie 'Straight Outta Compton' was only a small part of the story, but it proved that the world remembers and that they want more! 'Go Hard' is taking it back to the streets South Central style. We bringing Watts, the Bay, Sacramento and the entire coast along for this ride!"
Check out the Gaim Chng3r Enterprize's YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7R3NMq3MKk. Get your Gaim Chng3r app on Google Play and iTunes.
Ride with Gaim Chng3r on their website at: http://www.gaimchng3r.com/.
Pick up the "Go Hard: The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hip," soundtrack at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and where ever music is sold.

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Op Ed on trade by President Obama

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A Trade Deal for Working Families
NOV 10, 2015 6:00 AM EST
By Barack Obama
As printed in the Bloomberg View
As president, my top priority is to grow our economy and strengthen the middle class. When I took office, America was in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression -- but thanks to the hard work and resilience of the American people, our businesses have created 13.5 million jobs over the past 68 months, the longest streak of private-sector job creation in history. The unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half -- lower than it’s been in more than seven years. We have come back further and faster from recession than nearly every other advanced nation on Earth. 
That’s real progress. But as any middle-class family will tell you, we have more to do. That’s why I believe the Trans-Pacific Partnership is so important. It’s a trade deal that helps working families get ahead.
At a time when 95 percent of our potential customers live outside our borders, this agreement will open up new markets to made-in-America goods and services. Today, exports support 11.7 million American jobs. Companies that sell their goods around the world tend to grow faster, hire more employees and pay higher salaries than companies that don’t. On average, export-supported jobs pay up to 18 percent more than other jobs.
These are good jobs -- and this agreement will lead to even more of them. It would eliminate more than 18,000 taxes that various countries put on made-in-America products. For instance, last year, we exported $89 billion in automotive products alone to TPP countries, many of which have soaring tariffs -- more than 70 percent in some cases -- on made-in-America products. Our farmers and ranchers, whose exports account for roughly 20 percent of all farm income, face similarly high tariffs. Thanks to the TPP, those taxes will drop drastically, most of them to zero. That means more U.S. exports supporting more higher-paying American jobs.
At a time when our workers too often face an unfair playing field, this agreement also includes the highest labor standards of any trade deal in history. Provisions protecting worker safety and prohibiting child labor make sure that businesses abroad play by the same kinds of rules we have here at home. Provisions protecting the environment and combating wildlife trafficking make sure that economic growth doesn’t come at the expense of the only planet we call home. And these commitments are enforceable -- meaning we can hold other countries accountable through trade sanctions if they don’t follow through. So, these tough new rules level the playing field, and when American workers have a fair chance to compete, I believe they’ll win every time.
I’ve said many times that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the right thing for our economy, for working Americans and for our middle class. But I’m not asking you to take my word for it. Instead, I’ve posted the agreement online. If you build cars in places such as Detroit, you can see for yourself how your products will have a better shot of hitting the road in places such as Japan. If you’re a farmer or rancher, you’ll see how your products will face fewer barriers abroad. If you’re a small-business owner, you’ll see how this agreement will mean less paperwork and less red tape. 
Along with the text of the agreement, we've posted detailed materials to help explain it. It’s an unprecedented degree of transparency -- and it’s the right thing to do. Not every American will support this deal, and neither will every member of Congress. But I believe that in the end, the American people will see that it is a win for our workers, our businesses and our middle class. And I expect that, after the American people and Congress have an opportunity for months of careful review and consultation, Congress will approve it, and I’ll have the chance to sign it into law.
Together, we’ve overcome enormous obstacles over the past seven years. We’ve taken an economy that was in free fall and returned it to steady growth and job creation. And we’ve put ourselves in a position to restore America’s promise not only now, but for decades to come. That’s what I believe this agreement will help us do.
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