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Pastor & Former U.S. Army Chaplain, Dr. Aaron R. Jones, Merges Scripture With Music And Provides New Inspiration For The Believer

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(Washington, DC) - July 5, 2016 - Scripture recounts the power of music. Many will recall the story of David playing before King Saul, a musical encounter that soothed Saul’s spirit. Dr. Aaron R. Jones, Senior Pastor of New Hope Church of God in Waldorf, MD, knows how music can change a believer’s mindset. Expanding on music’s powerful influence, he decided to add spoken word to it which resulted in his debut CD, Peace In The Storm. The retired U.S. Army Chaplain took a new approach in uplifting the saints by quoting Bible verses spoken over original music. The musical accompaniment which perfectly complements the captivating passages are delivered by the prolific author and gifted speaker himself. Released in May 2016, Peace In The Storm is currently available on the pastor’s God’s Comfort Ministries website,, and can be downloaded from iTunesAmazon, and Google Play.
The feedback on the new project has been very positive. Listeners have enjoyed “Warfare Cries” with its warrior-like sound effects and battle cries punctuated by scriptures which are fit for the fighter. “Satan Is Defeated” is another memorable track; flaunting traditional jazz chords and rhythms; this track finds the preacher speaking victory to the believer with some of the most authoritative verses known. “God’s Promises”, consisting of a reprise as well, recounts many of the promises that the Lord has given to His people. Comfort and reassurance fill this track and each one that’s included on this unique project. Hope that only comes from the word of God permeates each song; listeners simply have to push play and verses flow throughout eight stirring tracks.
Dr. Aaron R. Jones received the concept for Peace In The Storm about a year and a half ago.  He says, “We went to do a home visit with a young lady and her son.  The mother felt there were demons present, so we prayed over the house. After my wife and I got back in the car, I mentioned to her that it would be wonderful if there was something in the background playing; something that’s speaking into the atmosphere. I thought it would be a great idea to have the word of God spoken to inspire people.” That was the beginning of Peace In The Storm. With the musical expertise of the Whole Note Group and the vocal talents of the New Hope Church of God Praise Team, Dr. Jones’ vision came to pass.
Although the musical release is something new for the pastor, Dr. Jones has been in ministry for years now.  The former Executive Vice President of National Bible College and Seminary in Fort Washington, MD, he received his Doctorate of Theology and Pastoral Counseling from Life Christian University and a Doctorate in Christian Counseling from American Christian College and Seminary.  In addition, he is an ordained Bishop with the Church of God and a certified Pastoral Counselor with the International Association of Christian College Professionals. The retired Chaplain of the Army National Guard served for over 20 years participating in both Operation Noble Eagle (2003) and Operation Freedom III (2005). Currently, he is the Chaplain of the Charles County Sheriff’s Department and Chairman of the Hospice of Charles County, Inc. Chaplain’s Advisory Board.  A prolific writer, he has authored 10 books including The Soul Initiative for EternityThe Disciples Conclusion and The Joshua Resolution.  For more information about Dr. Aaron R. Jones, God’s Comfort Ministries or Peace In The Storm, log on to