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Lupita's full Oscar Acceptance Speech (Transcript and Video)

buzzz worthy. . .

Yale Drama graduate Lupita Nyong'o, 31 told Ryan Seacrest in a red carpet interview, "I went into the audition like I already had he part."  Capturing the attention of Director Steve McQueen, out of over 1,000 auditioners the Kenyan actress became  Patsey in the "12 Years A Slave." On Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles she carried away the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, the first major Oscar win for a Kenyan and the ultimate pay off for her superb blend of confidence and skill that helped bring the narrative of a wrongfully enslaved free man, Solomon Northrup to life.

''You are the pride of Africa,'' Kenya's President tweeted in celebration of Kenya's first major Oscar win.

lupita was an amatuer actress in the

From the first line of her acceptance speech for which she received a standing ovation it was clear Nyong'o the struggle and suffering of Blacks that paved the way to the most prestigious honor i…