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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gospel Hall of Famer Smallwood's 'Anthology' garners #1 debut

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New York, NY – July 10, 2015 – Legendary Gospel Hall of Fame inductee and multiple Grammy-nominated singer/composer/and arranger, Richard Smallwood tops the Gospel Albums chart this week with the debut of his 15th album ANTHOLOGY LIVE (RCA Inspiration) released on June 29.
“I’m elated that ANTHOLOGY has entered on the number one spot on the Billboard Top Gospel Chart,” said Richard Smallwood. “Personally, this project is the most important recording that I’ve done, so it adds more to the excitement that people are excited.  I’m so appreciative of their support!” 
Recorded in front of a full-capacity audience at Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, Maryland—the 2 disc CD features 21 powerful tracks backed by Smallwood’s 20-member ensemble Vision. Other guest appearances include renowned R&B singer, Angela Winbush and the esteemed Dottie Jones from The Smallwood Singers.   
ANTHOLOGY LIVE is a brilliant collection of 11 new songs and 3 medleys, including the fan favorite “Same God,” with interludes that capture the inspiration and journey of Richard Smallwood’s 40 year career.  Performed with his longtime choir Vision, the new project celebrates the legendary musician’s past and confirms his mainstay in gospel music. 
“Along with my Vision family and guests who have been a major part of my history, it is our hope that people who listen will not only be encouraged and inspired to marvel and remember from where God has brought them, but to press victoriously through whatever obstacles they may encounter,” says Smallwood.
Richard Smallwood with Vision “Anthology Live” Retail Links
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Friday, July 10, 2015


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“Intentional” is Travis Greene’s First Single Off Of His Highly-Anticipated
Debut Album THE HILL
NEW YORK, NY – July 10, 2015 – Gospel sensation Travis Greene’s new single “Intentional” debuted at No.1 on the iTunes Christian/Gospel Songs Chart this week.  The buzzed-about singer-songwriter’s new single quickly garnered attention among peers and listeners nationwide who’ve embraced the inspiring anthem, fueled by his soaring vocals and the buoyant melody. 
“Intentional” is Travis Greene’s first single off of his highly-anticipated debut album THE HILL, which he recorded late last year in a live recording before a packed crowd in his hometown of Charlotte, NC, and is expected to be released on RCA Inspiration in the fall. INTENTIONAL, a 4 track EP will precede the full album and will be released on Friday, August 14. 
Travis Greene’s “Intentional” Retail Links
Audio stream at youtube/vevo - http://smarturl.it/IntentionalVevo
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Roof's sister blames him for ruining her wedding; seeks crowd funding for honey moon

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Some people willdo anything for a dollar, incluibgn betraying a family member and capitalizing off of murder.  A South Caorlina woman has done both.

Emanuel 9 shooter Dylan Roof's sister, Amber is angry that his criminal activity upstaged her wedding plans, so she took to crowd funding site GoFundMe.com to solicit funds for a honeymoon, 10%of which she agreed to onate to the Emanuel AME church, the site of the vicious murders her brother committed on June 17. Roof gunned down the pastor and state Senator Clementa Pinkney and 8 others while attending Bible study.
"Our wedding day was suppose[d] to be the most important and special day of our lives. It was suppose to start our lives together with our new family. Our day was the exact opposite. Our wedding day was full of sorrow, pain, and shame, tainted by the actions of one man." Amber Roof also upset with the media for spreading her fund-raising efforts. The fund-raising page has been removed.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Anthony Brown starts online challenge to do something positive daily

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July 7, 2015 – Washington D.C. – Bishop Joel Peebles, Sr. and Pastor Ylawnda Peebles are humbled and grateful by the recent ruling by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia which reinstates the original Board of Trustees, including Bishop Joel Peebles, Sr., to the Jericho City of Praise in Landover, Maryland. The ruling invalidates all actions of the improperly seated board.

We give thanks to God and move in His love, as we work through this transitional period. In preparation for the final steps of this process, we will carry out the mandate God has for our Ministry, by continuing to operate for the meantime within our current schedule of worship services. At the God ordained time, Bishop Joel Peebles will make the announcement of when and how we will move to the next phase of this restoration.

As it is written in Romans 8:28, “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”


Order Finding of Facts and Conclusion of Law entered on docket, signed by Judge Nash and e-filed, e-served on parties of record on 7/7/15

Judgment is GRANTED in favor of the plaintiffs, to wit: the Court hereby DECLARES that Resolution 1-09 of the Jericho DC Board of Trustees, which purported to change the membership of the Board of Trustees, is invalid; and DECLARES that the current Board of Trustees for Jericho DC shall consist of the surviving members of the Board of Trustees that existed prior to the invalidated Resolution 1-09, those members being: William A. Meadows; Dorothy L. Williams, and Joel R. Peebles and DECLARES that actions taken by defendants after March 15, 2009, acting as the purported Board of Trustees of Jericho DC, under the color of resolution 1-09, including the purported approval of the merger of Jericho DC into Jericho MD, are invalid; and the Court hereby ORDERS THAT DEFENDANTS REFRAIN FROM EXERCISING OWNERSHIP OR CONTROL OVER ANY CORPORATE ASSETS OF JERICHO  MARYLAND FORMERLY BELONGING TO, OR DERIVED FROM, THE CORPORATED ASSETS OF JERICHO DC, and ORDERS that plaintiffs are reinstated as members of the church pending a review of their membership status by the validly-constituted Board of Trustees of Jericho DC. 

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Teen Pageant Queen declares "Pretty" is an action word in

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Whether it's picking up a grocery tab, cutting an elderly neighbor's grass or paying it forward by investing in someone's future, a random act of kindness can change someone's day or life for the better.

Pageant queen Aria Austin, 16 is embracing the lasting impact of good deeds through the "Pretty Is As Pretty Does" campaign.

The "Pretty Is As Pretty Does" campaign  is a safe and positive and speaks to the need to spread love and kindness.  Participants are encouraged to share ways in which they are spreading goodwill  (either online and offline) by posting videos or photos of themselves performing a kind act or simply being a blessing to others.The slogan is derived from a Southern saying that means outward beauty should be a reflection of inward beauty.

The campaign fits right in with Austin's platform of empowering girls to be beautiful on the inside and outside.

Austin said what motivated her to take part in the challenge  are the amount of online challenges that poke fun of people for not being perfect.

" I don't believe a lot of the online challenges are good. They are trying to promote a standard o beauty that's saying  that flaws make you ugly.  I wanted to do #piapd to promote inner beauty and acts of kindness to make the world a better place."

Sensitive to the negativity many of her peers face on a daily basis, Austin said she also desired to do something that would boost their confidence and self-esteem.

"Being pretty is also not just about looks, it about who you are.  Pretty is an action word," adds the rising Junior.

A talented singer in her own right the aspiring entertainer took the concept of "Pretty Is As Pretty Does" a step further and launched a talent contest on Instagram with the same theme, which allows contestants to express their concept of beauty artistically. This contest is also connected to the debut of the web-based series "Model Behavior" which star Aria and her younger sister, Amber.

Participation in the #piapd challenge is easy.  Simply do something kind for another person (the environment or even a cause), document it it by photo or video, post it to a social media platform and tag at least 10 or more people asking them to do the same.

Join Aria at "ariaamusic" on Instagram to check out the many ways she is spreading love and upcoming activities.

Tune in to "Model Behavior" on Monday, July 13 at 7:30 p.m., ET on You Tube and be sure to subscribe to the channel at "Model Behavior One Year Later."

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RULING: Red Skins trademark cancelled in federal court ruling

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A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the Washington Redskins' trademark registration, ruling that the team name may be disparaging to Native Americans.

Lee emphasized in his 70-page ruling that the organization is still free to use the name if it wishes - the team would just lose some legal protections that go along with federal registration of a trademark.

Lee ruled the team culd still use the name but may not have the same legal protections that go along with federal registration of a trademark.

Jeff Lopez, lawyer for the Native Americans who challenged the team's name, said he expects the Redskins to appeal the ruling to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond. But he said that Lee's ruling was an across-the-board victory for his clients and that he is confident it will be upheld.
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Kids' State Dinner 2015 Winners

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With nearly one thousand entries submitted to this year’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, the fifty-five winning recipes were selected based on their healthfulness, taste, originality, affordability, and following USDA’s MyPlate recommendations. Our panel of judges were extremely impressed with the incredible recipes that kids cooked up this year! These young chefs and a parent or guardian will join the First Lady for the Kids’ “State Dinner,” featuring a selection of the winning recipes, followed by a visit to the White House Kitchen Garden on July 10, 2015.



2015 Kids' "State Dinner" Winners

ALABAMA: Jay Wolanzyk, Age 10, Alabama Fancy Fish Tacos  
ALASKA: Sable Scotton, Age 10, Deliciousness Over Rice  
ARIZONA: Nia Thomas, Age 10, Oodles of Zoodles with Avocado Pistachio Pesto  
ARKANSAS: Aspen Smith, Age 11, Arkansas Baked Almond Catfish
CALIFORNIA: Aria Pelaez, Age 9, California Rainbow Taco with Mic-Kale Obama Slaw and Barack-amole
COLORADO: Rain Adams, Age 11, Rain's Turkey Chili
CONNECTICUT: Hannah Betts, Age 10, Hannah’s Eggy Potato Scramble
DELAWARE: Emilie Monnig, Age 12, Spinach Power Salad with Mandarin Vinaigrette  
FLORIDA: Bobby Sena, Age 12, Caribbean Delight
GEORGIA: Corey Jackson Jr., Age 10, Mango-Cango Chicken  
GUAMGracie Giles, Age 9, Y'obama Yakisoba
HAWAII: Luca Casano, Age 11, East Meets West! Chinese Pot Stickers and Tuscan Salad with Aloha Sorbet  
IDAHO: Josie Roll, Age 8, Scrumptious Veggie Noodles with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce and Chicken
ILLINOIS: Shreya Patel, Age 9, Garam Masala Quinoa Burger with Raita
INDIANA: Abigail Horne, Age 8, Little Man Lunch
IOWA: Mary McFetridge, Age 11, Mary’s Garden Farfalle Feast
KANSAS: Jasmine Dulan, Age 11, Black Bean Burger with Kale Chips and Jasmine's Freeze Out Smoothie
KENTUCKY: Izzy Washburn, Age 9, Shake It Off with a Turkey Roll  
LOUISIANA: Samuel Davis, Age 11, Sam’s Southern Savoring Salmon Supreme (S to the 5th power)
MAINE: Leo Koch, Age 8, Vegan Superhero Soup
MARYLAND: Braxton Young, Age 8, Quinoa Crusted Spinach Tofu Pie
MASSACHUSETTS: Aster Toole, Age 10, Melting Pot Soup
MICHIGAN: Eva Paschke, Age 12, Fizzle Sizzle Stir Fry
MINNESOTA: Ava Nebben, Age 9, Secret Service Pizza Delight
MISSISSIPPI: Bre Donald, Age 11, Ground Turkey Flower
MISSOURI: Blake Koehr, Age 12, Gateway Crescent
MONTANA: Colton Kuka, Age 9, Hungry Brother’s Stew
NEBRASKA: Grace Brown, Age 8, Fabulous Fish Tacos
NEVADA: Jack Newkirk, Age 9, Eggplant “Obama”san
NEW HAMPSHIRE: Ana Bernazzani, Age 8, Corn and Turkey Meatball Lentil Soup with Whole-Wheat Pita Chips
NEW JERSEY: Emma Schramm, Age 9, Crispy-Skin Salmon Over Pasta with Garbanzo Bean Sauce
NEW MEXICO: Hannah Torres, Age 10, New Mexican Style Layered Tostada with Cauliflower Tortilla
NEW YORK: Julia Rissberger, Age 11, Spinach and Apple Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette and Whole-Grain Cheese Pennies
NORTH CAROLINA: Alexander Tschegg, Age 8, Curried Chickpeas with Baked Tofu over Cilantro Rice
NORTH DAKOTA: Carter Cassola, Age 11, Stuffed Peppers Delite
NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS: Claire Park, Age 9, Rota Sweet Potato Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast
OHIO: Sydney Mazik, Age 12, S.S. Asparagus Pie
OKLAHOMA: Riley Higgins, Age 9, M“eggs”ican Quesadillas with Pineapple Dipping Sauce
OREGON: Phoebe Garrett, Age 11, Phoebe's Phish Tacos with Kale Chips
PENNSYLVANIA: Sydney Tyner, Age 11, Chicken Taco Tower
PUERTO RICO: Felix Gonzalez, Age 11, Wrap It Up
RHODE ISLAND: Clara Aizenman, Age 11, Mexican–Jewish Barley Pozole
SOUTH CAROLINA: Summer LaPress, Age 9, Pan-Roasted Grouper with Carolina Gold Rice Salad
SOUTH DAKOTA: Griffin Storm, Age 8, Storm of Deliciousness BBQ Chicken Soup
TENNESSEE: Evie Braude, Age 9, Farro with a Tennessee Twist
TEXAS: Jianna Garcia, Age 10, Couscous Salad with Chicken, Artichoke, and Lemon Skewers and Tangy Texas Tzatziki 
U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS: Jalani Phillips Jr., Age 10, Hurricane Salmon and Lentil Patties
UTAH: Indiana Coyle, Age 8, Mix It Up Sushi
VERMONT: Maya Elliott, Age 10, Maya's Delicious Vegetarian Little Lasagnas
VIRGINA: Simone Spalding, Age 8, Rainbow Chili
WASHINGTON: Simone Harvey, Age 10, Teriyaki Chicken with Cabbage Salad
WASHINGTON, D.C.: Timothy Burke, Age 8, Vegetable Confetti Spring Rolls
WEST VIRIGINA: Reagan Blasher, Age 10, Honey Baked Salmon with Spinach Quinoa, Pineapple Salsa, and Cucumber-Dill Dipping Sauce
WISCONSIN: Anna Ganser, Age 10, Mediterranean Rockin’ Roasted Vegetables in Cool Cucumber Boats
WYOMING: Dillon Andrews, Age 12, Indian Tacos
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(PHOTOS) Michael Jai White and Gillian Waters marry in Thailand

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July 8, 2015New York, New York:  Actor Michael Jai White has wed longtime fianceé and actress Gillian Waters.  In a private ceremony held in Thailand this past weekend at the multi-acre riverfront estate of their good friends, film producer and finance executive, Michael Selby and his wife Jantana, the lovely couple, who will star in the upcoming film Never Back Down 3 together, exchanged vows surrounded by their children, family and close friends.

In a custom gown by Milan Bangkok, the beautiful bride donned a 10-carat engagement ring, and the actors exchanged custom diamond and platinum bands.

The extravagant traditional Thai ceremony featured fireworks, an elephant parade, belly dancers, drone airplanes and a lavish dinner reception where guests noshed on Pad Thai, jumbo prawns, crab fried rice, curried chicken, and a custom three-tiered cake by the famous Bangkok bakery Coffee Beans by Dao.

The couple are currently on honeymoon on the Indian Ocean in Krabi Province and will plan a California reception for US-based family and friends upon their return.

About Michael Jai White & Gillian Waters:

Best known for roles in various Tyler Perry projects including Why Did I Get Married and the TBS/OWN comedy and drama For Better or Worse, White was the first African American to portray a major comic book superhero in a major motion picture in 1997's SPAWN.  An accomplished martial artist, White also starred as Mike Tyson in the 1995 HBO television film TYSON, and the hit film Mortal Kombat.

Water is a Howard University graduate and has starred in music videos for LL Cool J and Boyz II Men.  Best known for roles on the classic sitcom Martin, Waters also starred as China Lee in the popular soap opera Days of our Lives, and as Amoria in Xena: Warrior Princess.

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Isaac Carree
(ATLANTA, GA) Gospel music superstar, Isaac Carree, attended and performed at the 2015 ESSENCE Festival. The annual festival in New Orleans, included a musical, 'All Star Gospel Tribute to Kim Burrell.' Mr. Carree sat down with Sirius XM for an interview on all his new happenings, attended the nightly concerts at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and visited many of the various sponsored booths/stages during his stay at the festival.

(left) Isaac Carree and Dorinda Clark Cole; (right) Isaac Carree, Kim Burrell and Zacardi Cortez 

(left) Kelly Rowland and Isaac Carree; (right) Rico Love and Isaac Carree

Sunday, Carree, joined Jazmine Sullivan, LeAndria Johnson, Yolanda Adams, Jessica Reedy and more in paying tribute via song to BET Sunday Best vocal coach, Kim Burrell


Isaac Carree & Bacardi Cortez pay tribute to Kim Burrell in New Orleans, LA at 2015 Essence Festival

Isaac Carree shares his thoughts on reality tv, current state of gospel music and more.


(left) Isaac Carree strikes a pose for Essence.com; (right) Isaac Carree, India Arie, James Fortune and Stephen Hill
(left) Jason Nelson, The Walls Group, Tasha Cobs, Isaac Carree; (right) James Fortune, DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good, Isaac Carree
(left) Luke James & Isaac Carree; (middle) Jason Nelson, Alexis Spight, Isaac Carree; (right) Isaac Carree, Tasha Cobbs, Marvin Sapp
(left) Kelly Price, Elle Varner, Isaac Carree; (left) Isaac Carree gets ready to hit the Superdome!

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The Misuse of "Star Power"

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EDMONDS, Wash., July 8, 2015  -- Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE in Edmonds, Washington, delivered a recent statement about the abuse of trust and lack of confidentiality by treatment professionals, counselors and others confided to high profile, high net worth celebrities, athletes and business executives.

"At a time when high profile individuals are most vulnerable, confidants they trust the most are breaking that trust. Too many are openly discussing in articles, online posts, in on air or print magazine interviews their high profile clients' struggles in an effort to gain notoriety."
"Those in the public spotlight, and those who run or manage large corporations, deal with intense scrutiny. The pressure can be overwhelming. The number one self-reporting issue among high-profile individuals in depression, followed by addiction and eating disorders."

"The result for the high-profile individual – whose constantly-in-the-spotlight challenges and struggles can be debilitating – is to shy away from the treatment they so badly need because they feel they cannot trust anyone." 

"Trained counselors and healthcare providers agree to a code of ethics to protect the privacy of their clients. So why do trained healthcare and spiritual professionals feel the need to publicize their clients' struggles? Confidentiality is at the core of a treatment professional ethos. Even if it is perceived common knowledge that an individual is receiving treatment, a professional should not further the conversation with public comments," Dr. Jantz continued. 

The Center • A Place of HOPE, recently recognized as one of the top ten facilities in the U.S. for the treatment of depression, provides a world-class treatment facility to the high profile, high privacy and high net worth individuals from around the world. It holds their privacy and confidentiality absolutely sacrosanct. 

"If we were to ever publicize their identity, my concern would be that others who desperately needed intensive care – but could not afford to have publicity about their treatment – would be pushed away at a time when they and their families needed it the most." 

"We treat actors, performers, professional athletes, current political figures, Fortune 100 C-level executives and mega-church clergy. We understand their need for absolute anonymity. So we created a private sanctuary that provides the lasting treatment they need to regain their peace, their strength, and their lives."

The Center's high-profile facility accommodates only one individual or one family at a time to ensure absolute privacy. The gated, luxury estate sits on two tranquil, beautiful acres secluded in the hills thirty minutes north of Seattle. Towering pines, waterfalls, outdoor gazebos and ponds dot the wooded property. 

"We take great care to ensure the entire environment meets the high standards of our clients so they can feel completely comfortable and focus on getting well," Dr. Jantz said.
For individuals and agents who desire mo
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Altheticulture offers tips for staying fit while traveling

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Do you find it challenging to keep up with your workouts while on vacation or business travel? Many people do! Whether you’re on your family vacation or traveling for business, Pilatesology and Athleticulture keep your workouts intact when you’re on the road. And the best part is you only need a computer or tablet. Pilatesology and Athleticulture bring your workouts with you, with amazing pilates, yoga, barre, ballet and functional workouts. You’ll never miss a workout again! No more worries over a bad hotel fitness center or not getting your outside run in for safety concerns.

Pilatesology and Athleticulture Founder Alisa Wyatt believes great workouts are the ones we want to do again and again. They’re fun, entertaining, challenging, engaging and inspirational and make us feel confident, sexy, alive, at peace with our bodies. They are also super effective at getting results whether we’re training for a marathon, staying fit while traveling or simply creating healthy movement habits. 

Below Alisa shares 6 great tips for keeping your workouts on track while traveling. Alisa’s tips are available for reprint with proper credit and direct link back to Athleticulture.com and Pilatesology.

Tips for Keeping Workouts On Track When Traveling:

  • Book a room at a hotel that has a pool or fitness center.
  • Toss a jump rope and resistance bands into your suitcase—both are lightweight and take up little room.
  • Ask about nearby parks and walking and running trails when you get to your hotel.
  • Check out deals on local fitness classes or just call around to a few studios and see if they're offering any one-time deals for first timers.
  • Skip the breakfast buffet and order from the continental menu instead or only visit the fruit, oatmeal and cereal section at the buffet.
  • Pack healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit and protein bars in your carry-on. Then purchase fruit, raw veggies, yogurts and other healthy staples at a nearby grocery store or farmer’s market upon arrival and keep them in your hotel fridge.
  • Join the locals! Every region has a sport or activity they are well known for due to local terrain, these often determine some the local favorite sports and a great opportunity to try something new—biking around the lakes or on trails, strapping on a pair of rollerblades, zip lining, wind surfing, cross country skiing or swimming.
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Pastor Joel Peebles reinstated to 'Jericho' board

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Bishop Joel Peebles

The story about the ousting of a prominent Maryland pastor has taken a significant turn. Years after he was fired from the mega church his parents founded, Pastor Joel Peebles  has been reinstated to the board of Jericho City of Praise in Landover, MD through the courts.   D. C. superior court judge Stuart G. Nash ruled yesterday (Tuesday, July 7) that the firing of  Pastor Joel Peebles and his removal from the board at Jericho City of Praise was invalid. William A. Meadows, a former board member who was fired, was also named in the ruling. Peebles has sought to settle the dispute and reclaim what he deemed his rightful inheritance, through ongoing litigation since the passing of his mother, Apostle Betty Peebles in 2010. Despite their legal woes and the thwarting of his legacy, Pastor Peebles and his wife, First Lady Ylawnda Peeples continued in ministry under the name "Jericho City" at an area school, taking many of their followers with them. To say that the case has been an uphill battle for the preachers son is an understatement.  A Maryland judge in a lower court ruled against Peebles in 2014 on the grounds that the selection of of church leaders was the prerogative of the church. A hearing was delayed.  Peebles claimed in a 2012 statement that hey are also causing church members personal wage losses. the wages of employees that remained at the church were affected.  As of yesterday's decision the scales of justice are tipping in his favor for the time being, but the fight over who controls Jericho City of Praise --Peebles or his detractors -- may be entering the next round.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The National Bar Association Hosts the 90th Annual Convention and Exhibits in Los Angeles, CA

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LOS ANGELES, CA - The National Bar Association (NBA), the nation's oldest and largest national association of predominantly African-American lawyers, judges, educators and law students is pleased to announce its 90th Annual Convention and Exhibits.  The event will be held at the luxurious Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Downtown Los Angeles, 404 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA  90071, on July 19, 2015 – July 23, 2015.

Panelist and speakers include nationally respected professionals including Dr. Cornel West, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, Congressman G.K. Butterfield, Judge Glenda Hatchett, Judge Mablean Ephriam, Judge Faith Jenkins, and Judge Kevin Ross to name a few.

The convention will also consist of an Exhibit Hall for companies to showcase their products and services. The Exhibit Hall is “open to the public”, so exhibitors can expect to market their products and services to visitors from the Greater Los Angeles area and convention attendees.

After 90 years in existence, the National Bar Association continues to be one of the most prominent law organizations comprised in large by African-Americans.  With 84 affiliate chapters throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa and the Caribbean, it represents a professional network of more than 65,000 members around the world. 

In keeping with the mission of the National Bar Association, the leadership team has created a convention agenda that promotes professional and social networking among the members of the American and the international bars; to promote legislation that will improve the economic condition of all American citizens, regardless of race, sex or creed. 

“This year I assembled an outstanding group of professionals that will share their knowledge and many years of experience in the legal profession.  We will have informative panel discussions, plenary sessions, seminars and spectacular speakers scheduled,” said Pamela J. Meanes, President of the National Bar Association. 

The convention will include fun relaxing events including the Presidents Reception, A White Linen Affair, and Fred David Gray Hall of Fame Luncheon.  The events will include entertainment by top recording artists Kenny Latimore, and Johnny Gill with more to be announced.
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Mint Condition to release first ever Christmas album this fall

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July 7, 2015 (New York, NY) - Legendary group, Mint Condition, will release first ever Christmas album, "Healing Season," October 16, 2015. The holiday themed project will include five original songs including "1st Snowfall," "Not What I Wanted," "1 Brand Name," and title tracK "Healing Season."

The 5-member band (Stokley Williams, Lawrence Waddell, Homer O'Dell, Ricky Kinchen & Jeffery Allen) heralded as one of the last, great R&B bands, Mint Condition creates a Christmas project that is also perfectly suited for every day and will last way past the holidays. 

"Healing Season"  goes beyond the typical silver bells and holiday cheer, it speaks right into the hearts of people and seeks to touch a chord with people in need of healing, peace and comfort before, during and after the holiday season.  With songs like "Not What I Wanted," and "Lonely Christmas," Mint Condition creates powerful and purposeful music.

Although it is Mint Condition's first holiday album, the group's approach was no different. "Healing Season" offers songs of reverie, reflection, reconciliation, and renewal," said Mint Condition. "It's about people - who don't necessarily look, live, or see things alike - rising above old conflicts, wounds, and resentments in order to realize, reclaim, and celebrate a common humanity."

"Healing Season" will also feature holiday classics and favorites.  Bringing their entire arsenal of talent, Mint Condition lends their signature musical mastery to beloved classics with renditions of "Little Drummer Boy," "A Child Is Born," "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," and "Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto." 

Mint Condition continues as one of few high-profile examples of a self-contained Black music band that carries on the tradition of great R&B funk bands.  The group continues to tour nationally and internationally.  With 9 studio albums and a career that spans over two decades, Mint Condition's "Healing Season," is sure to become another defining moment in the group's already remarkable career.

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SC Senate approves removal of Confederate flag

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Today the South Carolina Senate approved a bill to remove the controversial Confederate Flag that has flown over the state house for over 50 years. 

“I applaud the Senate’s decisive action … and ask that the House act swiftly and follow the Senate’s lead.” S.C. Governor Nikki Haley said following a senate vote to remove the confederate flag that has flow under the American flag since 1991.

The Senate's vote is one step closer to the permanent removal  of he flag.  A two thirds vote from both the house and senate chambers  is required before Gov. Haley can sign off on prohibiting the flag from state house grounds.

Opposition the the honorable placement of the flag has been ongoing for years, but gained momentum when the man who killed 9 black parishoners in a Charleston, SC church was seen in photos with the flag just before he allegedly committed murder.  The self-confessed shooter, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, was seen in photos online spouting a racist manifesto, often waving the battle flag that many Americans view as synonymous to hate.

Today's 36-3 vote represents a glimmer of progress as some house Republicans are expected to put up a fight .  

"It's about how to heal wounds that stretch back many years," Sheheen said of removing the flag. "We've been pulling the Band-Aid off really slowly, and it hasn't been good for us."
Sen. Larry Martin, a Republican, said his view on the flag changed after the deadly June 17 attack at the historic Emanuel AME Church. Police say accused shooter Dylann Roof reportedly shouted racial epithets, and several photos of the suspect showed him posing with a Confederate flag.
"It isn't part of our future. It's part of our past," Martin said.

In Virginia, battle between a local NAACP chapter and a private citizen rages on 
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe  
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Jonathan McReynold's sophmore album release date announced

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NASHVILLE, TN (July 7, 2015) – From the moment he first shared his music, writing his debut album Life Music as a college student, Jonathan McReynolds has burst onto the scene as one of the freshest voices in music today, building a rising tide of acclaim from fans of all ages and peers across genres, from Gospel to Christian, R&B/Soul artists and more.  Hailed for his inspiring messages, his far-reaching talents and musicianship as a young singer-songwriter and compelling live performer, McReynolds will release his sophomore album Life Music: Stage Two, on Friday September 18, 2015.
Featuring the singles “Gotta Have You,” and “Pressure,” McReynolds has crafted an unforgettable sound that shatters expectations at every turn on his highly-anticipated new album, melding acoustic, gospel, pop sounds and more with powerful lyrics, and collaborating with producers and artists that include India.Arie, Chuck Harmony, Claude Kelly, Warryn Campbell, PJ Morton, Derek Minor, DJ Camper and Israel Houghton.  The lead single “Gotta Have You” continues to garner wide attention, with airplay across Gospel, Urban, Urban AC and Rhythmic radio stations.
Jonathan McReynolds says, “I wrote my first album as a college student. This second album, as a college teacher. My life has changed – different pressures, more revelation, more musical ideas. The one thing that hasn’t: my approach to songwriting. Still aiming to be transparent and genuine. Message first.”
Since his first release Life Music, which featured the singles “No Gray,” “I Love You,” and “Lovin’ Me,” the Dove and Stellar Award-nominated artist shows no signs of slowing down, hitting stages around the world as a sought-after performer, with past appearances that have included being showcased as a BET Music Matters artist, performing at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, BET Celebration of Gospel, the Stellar Awards, and the Essence Festival, where he’s returned to perform at the 2015 Essence Festival’s For the Love of R&B Superlounge.  In addition to this year’s Essence Festival during July 4th weekend in New Orleans, fans can catch McReynolds performing all over the country this summer including Washington DC, Tampa, Baltimore, Mobile AL, Boston, New York, and overseas in Berlin and Oslo, Norway.     
Jonathan McReynolds Life Music: Stage Two
Album release: Friday September 18, 2015 (Entertainment One Music)
Pre-order Life Music: Stage Two on iTunes and receive two tracks instantly or via Amazon:
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TITLE SNATCHED: Mayweather stripped of title won in Pacquio fight, breaks rules

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On Monday afternoon (July 6), Floyd Mayweather was stripped of the WBO title he won in the "fight of the century" against Manny Pacquiao earlier  this year. Immediately after the fight there were numerous biased claims that Mayweather did not deserve the title, but the WBO has found a reason that will stick.    Why? Because he did not  pay a required sanctioning  fee of $200,000 and failed to release two previously held junior middle weight titles, which is against the rules.

"The WBO world championship committee is allowed no other alternative but to cease to recognize Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the WBO welterweight champion of the world and vacate his title for failing to comply with our WBO regulations of world championship contests," the WBO wrote Monday in its resolution.   

Mayweather made over $220million in the Pacquiao fight and retains an undefeated record of 48-0. 

According to ESPN, initially Mayweather said he would vacate the welterweight titles in  question to
give younger fighters the chance to realize their dreams of winning belts.

"I don't know if it will be Monday [May 4] or maybe a couple weeks," Mayweather said in the post bought news conference. "I'll talk to my team and see what we need to do. Other fighters need a chance. Give other fighters a chance. I'm not greedy. I'm a world champion in two different weight classes. It's time to let other fighters fight for the belt."

Somehow Mayweather missed the deadlines to pay the sanctioning fee and relinquish the titles and must suffer the consequence of not owning the coveted title he claimed in the Pacquiao upset. 

A Mayweather rep said this decision has no impact on the fighter.

"It's a complete disgrace," Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe told ESPN.com. "Floyd will decide what, or if any, actions he will take. But in the meantime he's enjoying a couple of hundred million he made from his last outing and this has zero impact on anything he does.
Floyd Mayweather has a great deal of respect for each and every organization, as he has always had in his 19-year career, but he will not be dictated to by any organization or person as it relates to his decision making."

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Monday, July 6, 2015

America's race doctor prescribes "Make Race Make Sense" campaign

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(Raleigh, N.C.) Maybe the cure to the common cold is years away but according to Adam L. Perkins, race relations expert, author and speaker, views of race in America is about to change. Perkins who affectionately calls himself America’s Race Doctor says that he feels the time has come to provide a perspective on race that will cause ideas like white guilt and black rage to become a thing of the past.

Perkins says the discussion of race is outdated and needs to be revised. His solution: “Stop focusing on race.” His speaking campaign MAKE RACE MAKE SENSE will launch this fall. Perkins says that his revolutionary approach removes “race” from the discussion in its entirety. “To design a lecture that doesn’t focus on race has taken many years to perfect. Audiences are diverse and lecturing to a diverse group on race requires delicate precision. My goal is to create an environment conducive for learning, conducive for understanding and one that leaves attendees feeling glad they came. I’ve now achieved this.”

Moreover, Perkins says that as America’s Race Doctor he sees all Americans as his patients and that his prescription is an all-inclusive one. “Not focusing on race does several things. First, it brings out the best in people because race is not seen as something objectionable. Second, people need to know upfront that this is a team effort. And finally, it validates the sincerity of remaining solution focused. It’s a win-win for our nation.”

The MAKE RACE MAKE SENSE campaign has an iconic poster which depicts former President George W. Bush and current President Barak Obama as caricatures in a heated debate over race while at the same time highlighting the challenges faced from national leaders downward.

MAKE RACE MAKE SENSE may well become the game changer. Perkins says he feels the campaign is unique among all current lectures currently available. “As America’s Race Doctor, I have to dissect the issue of race in ways not previously attempted in order to write a successful prescription for healing. This campaign does this and more.”

When asked about the recent shooting in Charleston, Perkins admits that such acts of violence creates challenges his campaign is designed to address. “I had just left Charleston a few weeks earlier. When I heard about the shooting and loss of life I cried. It hurt me down to the core of my being as I’m sure it did with most people. While I can’t change what happened, I will make the issue of race better for everyone. And as America’s Race Doctor that’s my personal promise.”

For more information on the campaign or scheduling a lecture please email: americasracedoctor@
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Brainy Bristow sisters to star in reality web series, "Model Behavior"

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Unscripted show gives viewers an inside look at pageant and modeling competitions through the eyes of two sisters.

Young book smart beauties eye the spotlight in pageantry and modeling in new Web-based series.

(Bristow, VA --July 7, 2015)   Some parents sign their children up for modeling for fame and others for funds,  but a work-from-home mom in Bristow, VA signed her daughters up as a form therapy.

The run way is the last place you would expect to see the brainy Austin sisters (Aria and Amber), who prefer books to beauty, but that is exactly where the quarrelsome, yet close knit pair solidify their sisterly bond in the new original docuseries, "Model Behavior: One Year Later."

"Model Behavior" takes a  rare look at children pursuing their goals on their own versus  cooperating with the demands of over-bearing parents.  This perspective and the personalities of the stars of the show sets it apart from other  child-centered programs that are on the market today.  Through the joys and pains of fierce competition these talented youngsters learn to appreciate working for what the want in life.

The stars of the show, Aria, a 15-year-old singer, actress an model and  Amber, 8, a model and dancer (AKA Big A and Lil' A) are two high achievers who are confident they can  become to  pageantry and modeling what  Venus and Serena Williams are to tennis -- if only their mother would allow them to take a swing at the runway.

Highlighting the experiences over a full year,  "Model Behavior" follows the ups and downs of the two  small town girls,  as they hit the road to pursue their big dreams with stops in New York, DC, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Equally equipped for the Ivy League as they are for "the business," both girls have the talent to back up their ambition, but must get an early start on building their resumes before their mother,  "Momma A," a well connected entertainment journalist takes a chance using her name to launch their careers.

The journey begins when "Momma A," their omnipresent, but invisible co-star, attempts  to cure incessant sibling rivalry between the two blood sisters by granting their to wish to compete in their first pageant.

For years, Mrs. Austin avoided involving her daughters in the pageant world due to the negative stigma about both contestants' and parental behavior.  However, she said, "It was becoming increasingly more difficult to manage the dynamic of the girls' 8-year age gap, so I decided to get creative and I felt pageants were worth trying for their positive aspects."

Raising her children to value inward virtue over vanity is a key focus of the show, added Mrs. Austin.   She keeps the girls on track with a blend of mother wit and business intuition. As the year  progresses, the Austin sisters collect some crowns and castings and prove bratty behavior does not have to be tolerated or rewarded to get ahead.

Produced by JCG Entertainment, of the 10 episodes of "Model Behavior" gives viewers an up close and personal look at the girls' experiences with flashbacks to their preparation and competitions.  

Does Momma A's  creative parenting last long? Will the Austin's sisters' dreams become reality?  Find out when "Model Behavior" premieres on You Tube on Monday, July 13 at 7:30 p.m., EST, 4:30 PST.

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July 6, 2015 (Indianapolis, IN) - 2013's Stellar Awards' Group / Duo of the Year, Anthony Brown & group therAPy returns with an impressive new album, EVERYDAY JESUS, due in stores July 17, 2015. 

Brown, who is heralded for his creativity, passionate worship and top-notch vocals, brings his entire arsenal of talent to EVERYDAY JESUS a project geared towards helping us experience Jesus every day and in every way. 

EVERYDAY JESUS, was recorded live at New Psalmist Baptist Church, in Baltimore MD to a capacity crowd earlier this year.  It is jam-packed with 14 innovative tracks that range from urban inspirational and show-tunesque to high-energy praise, beautiful ballads and tried and true church music.

"Everyday Jesus is a collection of songs for the everyday believer, literally they are songs for every season," said Brown. "As a Christian, I experience 'real life' scenarios that test my faith and pushed my creativity and writing to the limit. This album is full of songs for everyone ...  they speak to every situation - whatever you are facing, wherever you are in life and whatever you need: There is a JESUS for that."

The first single, "Worth" is already a bonafide hit. The purely magnificent song is both joyous and worship-filled that speaks to the glorious gift of Jesus' sacrifice. Truly a special song, its impact is already being felt, as "Worth" is among the top-selling digital gospel songs.  Brown recently debuted the video on elev8.com and can be viewed below. 

As always, the vocals are the shining star on a group therAPy album.  Among the gems are the title track, "Everyday Jesus" which is stylistically retro with exceptional arrangements; "The Same," offering a pop-sounding track and the powerful "The Benediction." 

Brown & group therAPy invited several guest stars to join him including Chrystal Rucker, Darrel Walls (of the Walls Group), Maurette Brown Clark, Gaye Arbuckle and Da TRUTH.

Brown's first Tyscot Music & Entertainment project, "Anthony Brown & group therAPy" was released in late 2012 to recognition and accolades.  Billboard Magazine dubbed "Testimony" the "Top Gospel Song of 2013."  The 2014 29th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards saw the self-titled album win for "Group/Duo of The Year," "Contemporary Group/Duo of The Year," "Contemporary Male Vocalist of The Year" & "Music Video Of The Year" for "Testimony."  2014 ended with "Testimony" also earning recognition for "Top Gospel Song of The Year" at the 27th Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards.  

Since their eponymous debut release, Anthony Brown and group therAPy have traveled the country performing and ministering with performances at the 2013 Essence Music Festival, BET's "Celebration of Gospel," "Bobby Jones Gospel," The Stellar Awards, TBN and more.
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